Saturday, April 30, 2016

#WYFF - Duck Spring Game

We do all sorts of fun things all week long - and come #WYFF  we're inevitably doing laundry. Well.....I decided we did so much on Saturday that I'll just label this #WYFFS (Where's Your Feet Saturday). 

We met Krista at Valley River Center and took the shuttle over to Autzen stadium. We're big Duck fans and this was a special treat. We watched the spring game....a chance to see all the new players.

Alex, Nolan, Krista, Stacia, Michael 

Happy, happy, happy fans! 

There were quite a few tributes to the military...the only thing missing was a fly over by the Thunderbirds. ::snort:: In the photo below members of the UofO ROTC had marched out and unfurled a giant flag...while patriotic music played.

Since Oregon was playing Oregon - we left with 2 min left so we could be some of the first on the shuttles back to the malls. 

The weather was gorgeous - it was a perfect was to spend a Saturday morning. 

#WYFF (Where's Your Feet Friday) is sponsored by Fulltime Families. View more of our Friday exploits by clicking the #WYFF tab above. 

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