Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bocce, Basketball, and Bella

We headed across to Springfield so Stacia and Harmony could have some cousin time. Stacia loves any time she can steal way to spend with Harmony.  We had Yuuki with us and Yuuki seems to think it's wise  to antagonize their big dogs (Lab and Pit Bull) we opted to take our lunch to a local park. This park was directly down the street from the home we lived in from the time I was in 4th grade - 9th grade.

What? It's Bocce. See the green ball - it's mine. It's closest to the white ball. Score. LOL 

Mom and Dad joined us. Dad took my spot and I enjoyed a visit in the sun with Mom. 
School in the background is the one I went to for 5th/6th grade

Go, Dad!
 I spent countless hours in this tree, reading. This is also the park where Michael and I sat and talked on 31 Dec 1983 and he suggested we take a semester off from college and get married on 14 Feb 1984. Six week later, we did. LOL 

We didn't take any photos, but we snatched a bit more time with Cory. Basketball, visiting....he's on his way to Papua, New Guinea.

The busy day ended with a wonderful meal and visit with BreZaak and Bella. 

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