Thursday, April 28, 2016

Will Work for Ice Cream

The boys have taken on mowing Dad's lawn while we are here. On Saturday they fixed the dryer and a pipe under the house. And and Dad treated us all to Dickie Yo's to say thank you.....

Krista and Arielle invited us over for dinner - their school week is coming to an end. They treated us to a yummy potato bar (and I did take a photo of the kids in front of the oven but it was blurry. ::snort::).

This is how we found Arielle wonder it takes her so long to write papers. She said her professor suggested they read their papers aloud to themselves...her's put her to sleep. ::snort::
Unique study techniques - she DID get a 4.0 for the year
As the night ended, Krista brought out ice cream cones to thank us for mowing and weeding their yard. ::snort:: We've hit on a new plan....we have our home on wheels, our budget is working....we'll supplement by working for ice cream. LOL

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