Monday, June 27, 2016

Alive and well!

I realize I have not blogged in quite a bit of time. We are alive and well, and have fully lived week 2 and 3 since becoming stationary here in Northern California.

Our cell reception for Verizon is terrible here. This means my phone and our jet pack are  not working. In other words, we have no reliable source of Internet. We're looking to resolve this issue this week.

We have been busy. We have pictures we'll share when we can. Mostly we're living each day fully present, running errands, doing yard work and housework, visiting with both sides of our family and helping out as we can.

I'll update as I can get the laptop to go online.

This is my first post via my phone.  I'm happy that though I get no cell service, this seems to be my only device that reliably picks up the campground WiFi  signal.

Let's see if this will work!


Kim said...

It Worked!!! So glad to hear from you all again!

Anonymous said...

one thing can be said for Nolan and Alexander........ they know how to work. LP G'Ma t