Friday, June 24, 2016

Oregon Interlude

In the midst of our time here in NorCal....we made a trip Eugene, OR.

Michael had a few VA appointments.  All our girls were out of town (Mexico trip and pastoral conference).

Michael & boys played Good Samaritan 
It turned out to be a mini-family reunion. My brother and his wife, Heather, are home from Timor.  Mom had received some health news which we were able to discuss together.  This is so much easier than trying to talk via email/skype etc.

Unfortunately, it was a rough week for Mom. We girls were going out to breakfast and she had a big seizure. It was so violent she fractured her ankle.  We stayed up a couple of extra days to spend time helping out and loving on her.

We also got to love on Bella before they left for Anaheim, CA. 

The only other picture I took all week is this one of a rousing game of Dominion. 


Anonymous said...

Just letting you all know that Paul & I certainly appreciated our children and their spouses. How wonderful to have kids who care etc. Neat all three kids and our wonderful in-law kids were here. Paul and I don't really want to acknowledge that we need help but for a hopefully short period of time we do. PTL for kids. LP --- Paul/Jan T.

Anonymous said...

Dad & I are so fortunate to have u three kids and your great spouses. What a wonderful family! THANKS TO YOU ALL!

Lp ... MOM T.

Anonymous said...

interesting! one loves the greats just as much as the grands. so special each one. l/p