Saturday, December 24, 2016

Brain Fog Strikes Again

Sometimes things sneak up on you. Sometimes you KNOW they are sneaking up on you but you have no energy, nor time to do a thing about it. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ

I avoid doctors. I do go at least once a year to have labs so my cholesterol and thyroid meds can be refilled.

It took me MONTHS to find a doc in Crescent City that would take Tricare. It took another month to apply, be accepted and schedule an appointment. Michael needed to stay here for doctor's visits and I had to cancel that appointment.

I have had little energy, been incredibly tired, more emotional and forgetful than my norm, my skin is cracked, my nails are splitting, and I've gained 30 lbs in 6 months - since JaRissa's wedding.  Some of you have already put this together.....I claim brain fog and the stress of meeting the needs of several loved ones.

I thought the weight gain, fog and emotions could all be explained away with learning new things about Parkinsons, hitting 50 (I'd been warned I'd gain a bunch of weight all at once around my waist - I am nearing 53 and hadn't gained the weight yet), adjusting to living in Crescent City - I thought I must be doing a lot of EMOTIONAL or STRESS eating.  I've spent a bit of time disappointed with myself and beating myself up over this.

Michael mentioned my eating hadn't changed and I chalked it all up to not having a home gym  - but I didn't gain a ton of weight the first 6 months in the RV.

I ran out of cholesterol meds (thought it was thyroid, but it was cholesterol - brain fog).  I spent free moments in waiting rooms trying to find a doc here that would take Tricare AND would accept new patients.

The medical practice Mom goes too called back after I chatted with them when I took Mom in. They agreed to accept the kids and I and made an immediate appointment for me when I told them I was out of cholesterol meds and nearly out of thyroid meds. I had labs that day and they called with results early the next day. WOW - I'm impressed.

I am anemic.

My cholesterol labs are out of kilter - expected.

My thyroid is out of normal range! Ta duh! The PA said all my symptoms pointed to that and the labs confirmed it, so they are adjusting my dose again.

I feel a bit silly for not figuring it out....but I really haven't been thinking about my health much this year. LOL


Patty Hough said...

So thankful the Lord has brought everything together for you so you are able to take care of your health De'Etta. The older I get the harder it gets.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It is hard!

Patty Hough said...

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