Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Weeks.....

Rather than attempt daily posts, here are some glimpses into things "other than the wedding," that happened in the last couple of weeks.

It is ALWAYS a joy to have all the Gherkins in one spot. These times are becoming rare as they spread across America (and soon I expect some will venture outside of America).  Currently, WEDDINGS  have provided the chance for gatherings. For this I am truly THANKFUL.

We visited Mom G (and Sherlock), Michael had several therapy appointments, and  I took Mom T to two appointments. At one of her appointments I visited the business office and asked if they would take Tricare. They take a certain number and will call back.  As a side note - there have been 12 appointments in the past 2 weeks....I've spent a life time avoiding doctor's offices and now I'm on first name basis with receptionists, therapists and doctors. ::snort::
Some Sherlock lovin
Elizabeth stopped by one evening and it was fun to see her! 
Nate and Heather's daughter
We played lots of games....

Bella got uncle time....
Jared & Bella 

Jamin and Bella 
 This week has been quieter....I've spent most my free time this week blogging one day. ::snort::  Michael has worked on projects on the motor home - that will be a separate post.

We made time amidst the doctors, visiting and projects to go see Moana at the CHEAP theater. We were surprised that there were recliners - honest to goodness REAL, comfortable recliners in the theater. Seems they are converting - and I suspect it will soon no longer be the CHEAP theater in town. LOL

Jamin has instigated workouts for the Alex and Nolan. He's a trainer/coach at heart - regardless of what his other fancy degrees say. ::snort::

Sunday night, while playing soccer, Krista hurt her knee. We moved this way on Sunday and have been able to insure she keep it elevated and iced the first few days. The doctor confirmed she had sprained her collateral ligament and that it will heal in time. Her Air Force career had flashed before her eyes as her teammates asked why hurt and tried to patch her up.

Add Gherkin sized  cooking to the last couple of weeks and this gives you a fairly good summation of what we've been up to. LOL

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