Saturday, December 24, 2016

Practically Perfect

We went searching for an old-fashioned-Christ-centered candlelight service. We knew this is what Mom G would like to attend. Lindsey, invited us to her church's service, it was fairly near where Mom G is staying with Rebecca, and seemed like a good bet.
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It was perfect. We enjoyed an evening of Scripture reading and singing the beautiful old Christmas hymns.

The setting was gorgeous - lots of candles and white lights....

Mom G had told us this was "our year" for Christmas, but things have changed since the declaration. She had mentioned  she wanted to sit around the piano at her home and sing the old Christmas hymns and take communion on Christmas Eve.

There was no communion and we were in a church, rather than her home, but this was as close as we could have found.  It was a nice-sized church, but wasn't crowded, which is also a concern when out and about with the walker.

I'll carry two favorite memories with me from this evening....Mom G, Michael, and family singing  the old favorites. Gustily. Worship crosses all generational lines when each enters in wholeheartedly.

The other memory is rather sacrilegious - but it's MY memory - and I will cherish it.  Our fourteen year old son is rather guarded with his emotions. He's grown up in an Air Force chapel. Some of the hymns have been edited.  As we sang about "oxes and asses" feeding, I noticed a perplexed sort of disgusted look on his face. I leaned over and said, "Donkeys are also called asses."

He dissolved into laughter - covered by the lusty singing of the congregation. It was pure joy to share a Christmas laugh with him during the service.

The Scriptures took us from prophecy to redemption and were a wonderful was to refocus on what truly matters at this time of the year and year round!

We came home and had breakfast for dinner (our Saturday routine) and then settled in to watch "sappy Christmas movies." We couldn't find the ones we wanted on Netflix or Amazon Prime, so we settled for Muppets Christmas Carol, which Jamin hadn't seen for awhile.


Renee said...

Never realized that the AF edited hymns; we didn't do that in the Army. What a fun Christmas moment

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I'm sure it wasn't OFFICIAL. ::snort:: But yes, many of our carol sing alongs had asses replaced with donkeys.