Sunday, June 30, 2019

Arielle Finished College!

I am about to schedule 4 "mommy posts." Those posts where I unashamedly brag on the adult Gherkins...because adulting is hard!  We are so very proud of Arielle (and Cory who will finish his course before the fall).  I can't say it any better than she did. Here is what she posted on her Facebook timeline.
Hatcher's Pass - taken by Arielle 

I did it. Turned in my last assignment for my last class with graduation planned for August. So much in 4 years: marrying my love, move to AK, my bennybear, multiple jobs, hours and hours of studying, tears, laughter, learning, growth, friends, countless papers, two different colleges, amazing professors, late nights, and so much LIFE! I don't even have words to really capture my feelings other than I did it. Climbed that mountain and now stand looking back; triumphant but also sad it's over.

It's hard to believe all the changes Arielle has navigated in four years. She's done it with grace and determination...

Way to go, Baby Girl. We're proud of you!  You've come along way since the dolphin cry in the van. LOL

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