Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunny Saturday

What does one day with unexpectedly sunny, warm temps? Make sun tea! 

Some were disappointed I did not make SOUTHERN sweet tea. I didn't make a simple syrup to add in. We have two who are supposed to be watching blood sugars. I put about 1/4 C Stevia in the gallon.....and then Dad added his little packets (sugar free), Stacia added a lot of sugar, and I added lemons.

It got to 89* here at our place today. Much of the day was spent keeping chickens comfortable, keeping Nolan comfortable and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

 I took advantage of being home with Nolan to finally make dandelion salve. I plan to write up the directions for myself, "soon."

It was SO nice to have homemade spaghetti sauce canned and ready to go - though there is no sauce in this photo. This photo shows the salve stacked in the basement - a reason to linger in the basement where it was 10* cooler than our part of the house. 

Our ice maker couldn't keep up with the demand for ice from thirsty family members, and Nolan's jaw. I was bemoaning the need to drive to Freddies AGAIN...when I realized. CORY was at work. Cory wins man of the day award. He brought the LAST bag of ice home for us.  YES. But goodness, $100 for a bag of ice seems steep. 😜 (Cory was teasing me. The ice did not cost $100 a bag).

The corn I planted Wed is up. All but 2 or 3 have sprouted. We wonder if birds ate the corn in the garden. The stuff in the greenhouse did NOT gereminate. I decided to pull the corn out from under the light....

.....and put the other stuff under the grow lights. I will alternate them throughout the day so that all get their light....hoping these seeds will germinate with light and more moisture...less heat. 

By the way, the greenhouse is finally warm enough that I chose not to linger in it today. LOL We ended the day watching, "The Greatest Show on Earth."  It is actually a minute after midnight as I type...time to bring this to an end and go turn off the water.

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