Sunday, June 30, 2019

HUGE week for Josiah!

Josiah has had a plan for some time. He has steadily worked toward that plan, with a detour or two along the way.  This week he bought his first investment property. 
Photo via Jamin

It's a duplex in Eagle River.  He's busy doing a bit of work to rent out the bottom. 
Photo via Josiah

Josiah's time as a property manager in Anchorage will serve him well as he begins to manage his own property.

In the past year he has taken a property with a dismal leasing record, fixed apartments, and got it at, or near capacity, for months on end. In the process he learned the real estate business, got a firm grasp on Alaska rental law, learned how to evict those who needed to be, and how to graciously assist those who needed a bit of advice. He cleaned up the property and long-term residents were thrilled with him. This property had around 100 units.

This week he was offered a promotion....he will now be managing two complexes with around 300 units.

We're proud of your hard work and discipline. Most of all we are proud of your heart - which continues to mentor those around you. You leave each place you go a bit better than it was when you arrived.

It's good to see plans/dreams come together.

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