Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Visits, Projects, and Accidents

Bre has a delightful friend from her days on staff at Calvary. Donna and Bre shared an office for years. Donna has come to Alaska to visit BreZaak. Krista and I deemed it easier for us than Bre to make the morning drive to Anchorage.  It was fun to catch up with Donna...hear a bit from our home church and here a bit of the reaction to dad's upcoming move to Alaska. 

She brought us avocados. I asked her to buy some as they were much cheaper than I can them here...and these are in great shape and big! 

It rained today - really rained! Dad and I smelled the rain and smiled and commented on how familiar and comforting rain can be. We're Oregonians. Michael, Krista, Alex, and Benny were outside putting trees on the ground when the downpour began. They weren't so enamored with the smell of the rain.
Just like Papa - sort of
 I heard a huge crash and then crying and moaning....I was worried dad had fallen. Stacia had slipped in a puddle of Yuuki's making (she's out of control these days) and fallen FACE FIRST onto the brick that lines the nook for our wood stove.

Benny sympathizes. He was covering his nose when I began to take the photo. Yuuki expresses her apologies. 

It took quite a bit of time to stem the bleeding to be able to see if we were dealing with broken teeth or WHAT....a very sore nose, a gash...lots of ice and we'll see what we have tomorrow. Poor thing.

She jumped back and helped me make some yummy salmon chowder and biscuits for dinner. As we cooked...I pondered....the biscuit recipe is one I've used for decades....Barb's recipe, a friend from Hardin, MT. The chowder recipe is Sandy's, a new friend. There is something so satisfying in fixing yummy food with connections to friends.  Chowder recipe to follow.

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