Monday, August 12, 2019


Michael and I left home at 0845 today for a meeting.

I had a stack of library books to return and we needed to pick up a gallon of milk and Dad's paper, so we ran those errands while out.

We passed Krista, Stacia and Dad on our way home....I called to let them know we HAD a paper for Dad.  They came back to get it - the plan was for him to get coffee and a paper to enjoy while Krista and Stacia ran a errands around town. It turns out he also got a doughnut - it seems to be the game we play that tomorrow a.m. when his sugars are high he will say, "WHY are they high, we eat healthy?" ::wink:: I'm on to him. I know the outings are for more than coffee (which I make here each morning for him) and a paper (which I could have delivered). ::snort::  I may just join him for a maple bar one of the mornings. Mom certainly wasn't the only one in the family with a "sweet tooth."

Michael and Alex left for the DMV. Alex has a bit of test anxiety, and the test IS harder than many state's tests we've taken...but today he PASSED.....Watch out world. He has a permit and will have a license in short order.
Way to go, Alex! 

I worked on book work, made an appointment to go over this year's ILP's with our contact teacher, cleaned out my nook which had become overrun with both empty and filled canning jars, did a bit of clean up, and then headed outside to the garden.

Benny saw me heading for the fence and said, "No. Ouch." ::snort::

He's learned well not to go near the fence, though he's never been shocked. I have learned WELL to unplug the fence when I walk into the backyard. I HAVE been shocked numerous times. It's a bit sad the moose haven't been back since they were shocked...and yet...they stripped our peach tree and destroyed several plants on their previous forays. I'm relieved they aren't getting into the garden like they did last year.
Fun garden helpers
Today we picked a nice big head of broccoli, a pan full of lettuce, 7 quarts worth of Kale (and sealed and froze it), a couple of carrots, a cucumber, 2 zucchinis (avoided the rest), and a bunch of tomatoes were ready in the greenhouse.  I may make salsa yet.

I was pulling up lettuce that went to seed and putting it my lasagna bed....but "someone" ahem...a 6'2" man in his 50's....has a soft spot for the hens and suggested they get the choice lettuce.  They do love lettuce and kale.

Michael was in the front starting the overwhelming job of spreading gravel on the driveway. Dad came out to help. Don't FUSS! Just out of camera range is a chair and a cold drink. He threw a few shovelfuls and then sat and visited while they worked.

This girl, Krista, has been offered two jobs in the school district. She could be a building sub in the town over - about a 30 min drive on a nice summer day, or a district sub....she liked the flexibility. She got a call today and was offered the job of Spec Ed aide at the High School in our town.  She accepted and will start tomorrow or Wednesday. HR is having trouble keeping up with the last minute hires. School starts on Thursday.

Road Runner had to come get into the action. She wasn't a lot of help. 

Krista brought Michael a "Sustain" drink, and he relaxed before dinner on the deck. 

Nolan treated us all to a celebratory dinner via Papa Murphy's. He headed for bed after dinner. Dad and Michael followed on his heels. 

We spent 1/2 an hour playing Flashpoint. We didn't save the victims....I had a hard time even understanding what I was supposed to be doing. LOL Stacia loves this game so I put forth the effort. 

Today Mom G would have been 91. Stacia always remembers as it is 4 days before her birthday and we had a wonderful joint celebration for them on Mom G's last birthday.

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