Sunday, December 02, 2012

Kokeshi Nativity Set

I've seen this set in the homes of those who have been assigned at Yokota. I was thrilled to find this online at Kokeshi Designs. I've been in contact with the founder of the company - Sharon.  When Sharon lived in Tokyo she contracted with a local artist and Kokeshi doll dealer to create this set for herself. Others saw it - the rest is history. Naomi lives in Japan and is the vendor you see around Tokyo. 

The set is $245. I know that seems spendy but small Kokeshi dolls do sell for $25 - 50 and this IS a 9 piece set. It is also very unique; Japan is not a Christian nation and I've not seen any other complete nativity set in the country. I've looked for over three years. The price is already reasonable for what you get and they will not offer a group discount. Also, she is sorry they've not made it to Misawa, but at this time there are no plans to do so. 

Your current buying options are the Yokota Bazaars and the Lester Navy Gift Shop in Okinawa. You can also order this set, many other dolls and Christmas dolls at Kokeshi Designs.  I have ordered the set. Michael said to do it as he knows I've been looking since we arrived.   If you live in the states they will ship to you via USPS. They DO ship priority to APO/FPO etc. If you live in Japan, they will ship via Japan Postal system. 

From the website:  Kokeshi dolls are handcrafted wooden folk art dolls made by Kokeshi artists in Japan. We know the artists and their families and share their passion for the beauty and uniqueness of the Japanese craft of Kokeshi dolls. Each kokeshi doll comes in its own box with the artist’s information in Japanese on the box. The package makes a lovely presentation and can be gift wrapped. Let us do the work for you!

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Sis: beautiful. I'll pass on this one and enjoy to the hilt what you have already given me. Love/prayers - mom t.