Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Praise & Prayer Request

Praise - I found most of our favorite organics at Fred Myers and loaded another suitcase with a few things...I had just found REAL salt (and was excited) when Mike called on the cell.....

Prayer - We have an offer on our home. It's from a realtor in another town....and they low balled....offered $12K below asking. We LOVE our Realtors...such sound and godly advice...praying with us every step of the way....we rejected the offer, lowered our price $2K from asking and invited them to resubmit an offer. Being Realtors, such they DO get a commission back on the sale and all....I think they were trying to see if we'd be intimidated....but we shall see. Homes in the price range our home is in, are averaging 9 months on the market.....Matt and Leslie said that if we agree on an offer after 3 weeks, it will be a miracle and an answer to prayer.

We'd love to leave America knowing that the home was going to close by the end of July. Please pray with us that if it is God's will for this buyer to goes through. If not, we'll wait. LOL

Here's the virtual tour of our home.
Choosing Joy!
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~ Coram Deo ~
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Linda said...

Don't let them lowball you, DeEtta. Your house is worth every bit of what you're asking! It looks great on the virtual tour as well. :)

Michelle said...

De'Etta, we just went through this (our house closed last week). It was only on the market 3 months. We decided to drop the price because in the long run it would end up costing us more (long distance phone calls w/realtor, time spent on phone, yard maintenance, winterizing home/heating costs, and paying utilitiy bills for a second home). For us, it was worth it to have the house sold so we could move forward here.

I'm praying for an answer to your prayers!