Monday, November 09, 2009

Shopping Adventures

It's always an adventure to go shopping off base. What a delight for each day to feel like a field trip and an adventure.

After piano lessons we dropped Jared off on base for Cross Training (Youth). Arielle was ill and home....with the cell phone and Windy's number programmed in.

On the way home the younger ones and I stopped to get lightbulbs. We wanted Japanese lightbulbs as the rumor is they'll last a bit longer off base than American bulbs.

We found lightbulbs....we also found....

More Christmas Decorations


But again - not one single Nativity or Baby Jesus. It saddens me that the world has exported Christmas without the meaning of the Holiday.


Zander's face was priceless....he was so excited to see a cheap DVD bin (like Walmart) but then realized all the letters were in Japanese. We DID buy a Japanese book....and I thought that was great until Stacia said, "Mommy, will you read this to me?"


Some things are easy to figure the new rice bowls I bought and the lightbulbs...but what ARE those things in the orange package. I had to know. They aren't chocolate! ::snort:: They taste sort of like a root of some sort....I hope they are meant to be eaten and aren't some sort of fertilizer. ::snort::


Stacia charmed a Grandma. Zander bowed. The lady said, Konichiwa and was simply charmed when the kids responded. She rubbed Stacia's hair. We were picking out rice bowls, which she approved of...but then she picked up the Hello Kitty rice bowl and handed it to Stacia. Stacia was thrilled, the Grandma was thrilled...I would have thought it was a bit more endearing if she'd handed some yen my way for the bowl. ::snort:: Seriously, it was a GREAT idea and one I would not have thought of. The rice bowls I picked are pottery. This way Stacia won't break hers. Grandma did me a favor. Back at home Stacia got out the rice steamer and insisted I make rice...and ate two bowls.....I also bought chopsticks....yep....just a couple of months here and it simply TASTES BETTER in a bowl with chopsticks....sort of like tea TASTES BETTER in a fine china cup.


Who but the Japanese would invent such a charming fly swatter. We can smash them AND clean them up....


What else did we do today....I answered some PWOC emails, I created some documents for our local PWOC Children's Ministry, I prepared the story and such for tomorrow.... maybe I'll go to the Onsen tomorrow night. OH, the little boys were playing Zoo Tycoon and came running out to say, "Jamin is on the computer!" Jamin AND Josiah were on Skype...the volume worked and Jared had a great talk with them. Tonight the computer froze on me.

Mike got called in on a duty call - second time in one I'll check email and call it a night. Y'all have a good day on that side of the world.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...


How neat for the "grandma" to be of help. I like it when the kids have positive "grandma" experiences cuz it puts in their minds that "grandma's" are neat folks. :):)

Sounds like a busy day you all had.

Agree with you about the real meaning of Christmas. praying for you all and your sphere of influence the next few years there. love/prayers - Mom T.

Linda said...

those "root" things look suspiciously like large, shelled hazelnuts to me.

Karin said...

Hi....Don't remeber how I found your blog but I enjoy reading about your new adventures in a new country!

I guess I'm confused and want to better understand so please don't take this any other way that "curious".

You have said numerous times before that saddens you to see that many in Japan don't know Jesus, that they have imported the holiday without the meaning etc. Are you not accepting of others that have different religions? Shinto and Buddhism are the major religions there. It would never even cross my mind to feel sad for them because they don't believe in what I believe in. You are in their country and those are their beliefs.

As for the importing of Christmas without the true some ways that is the case but Christmas has become so materialize and commercialized that even here in the US people don't always carry through with the true meaning. It has gotten to the point that many people just go through the motions of celebrating the true meaning ONLY twice a year (Easter and Christmas). Our church is packed on those two holidays. Once they leave they go back to their homes where the Easter Bunny and Santa had made an appearance the night before and there is little religious mention again. But it doesn't bother me that they celebrate it. As a matter of fact if it brings families together I'm all for it. I see Easter and Christmas as two parts. Religious for those that believe and tradition for those that wish to celebrate the modern ways.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Hazelnuts? They were soft and smushy....maybe baked???

Kim said...

Those are steamed/shelled chestnuts - you know, "roasting on the open fire" that I have NEVER seen in the US! HAHAHA! The first box like symbol means sweet! Maybe they added something to them?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...


Have you read my profile? It saddens me because I believe that Jesus is the one way to heaven. Because the love and relationship I have found in Jesus is the KEY FOUNDATION of my life and world view. Because I believe that without an intimate love relationship with God/Jesus you will not spend eternity in heaven.

I DO respect others religions....but I do not believe that all religions will lead to heaven. I grew up on a mission field. I'm not insensitive to others culture or beliefs.

If you had a great gift to offer, a life-saving medical procedure etc and was unalbe to give it - you would be sad.

That is how I feel. Less than 1% of the population in Japan has even HEARD of Jesus. It's not even that they've chosen to disregard what has been shared with them over and over. They are lovely people. I do not have to judge who will spend eternity with God and who will not. I do believe (from growing up as a missionary child) that God does have other names in other cultures, I do believe that God will judge the hearts of those who are seeking him....but I also think that many, many will be lost because of false religions....both in America and abroad...some sitting in all sorts of churches will be surprised not to arrive in eternity with Jesus.

As for being sad about how Christmas has been conveyed...Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birth. I find it shameful that America (and other countries) have commericialized it to the point that other countries can't find Christ in the midst of it...or are comfortable celebrating the holidy with no mention of Christ - who is CENTRAL to the holiday. I feel the same way about Americans who celebrate the holidays - secularly. I'm not intolerant. I am allowed to feel grieved over how far our culture has moved from a Christian World view. Many sitting in pews weekly have no grasp of how our relationship with Christ should premeate every aspect of our saddens me there as well.

Hope that helps to explain. No offense taken...we simply see this differently, I think.

I'll continue to pray to live out Christ's love in real ways to those I contact - either here or in TX or in AK....

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim - really? Chestnuts? Hmmmm....ruined my whole preception of chestnuts roasting on a fire...I would expect crunchy and toasted. LOL Now I know - thanks so much my Tokyo friend.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim - one thought - do you usually heat them up? Do you put them in the fridge after they are opened??

Kim said...

We just eat them out of the bag. However, there is a wonderful chestnut rice many people make at this time of the year (Japaense are very seasonal cooks!)

Cut the chestnuts into halves or quarters. Put them on top of the raw rice in your rice cooker. Add a little cooking sake if you use it. And a little soy sauce. Also, you probably don't have "dashi" which is a fish kind of flavored boulion, but you could put some of that in it too.

To start with a light flavor, use 1 tsp. of each of the above that you have/use for each (Japanese) cup of raw rice. Then, just push "go" on the rice cooker. Use the normal amount of water for the amount of rice you are cooking. I'll see if I can find a "real" written recipe for you! If your kids like the chestnuts, they will like the rice...if they don't - you will have lots of leftovers! BTW, did anyone tell you to freeze leftover rice? When you microwave it later, it is nearly as good as fresh - nice for a lunch or save up the leftovers and make pilaf sometime.

Kim said...

Here's a cool recipe blog/site for Japanese cooking I just found. I'll send others I find too!

Karin said...

Thanks for explaining :) And yes, I had read your profile.

For me my beliefs are just that, mine (albeit shared by millions). That said, I would never want a Budhist to feel sad for me because I don't believe in their religion and I don't feel sad for them for not believing in mine. My religion fits me as I'm sure theirs fits them.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I enjoy seeing others opinions!

Karin said...

Oh and I meant to say that I do agree with you about Christmas and how removed from the true meaning it has become. I guess I'm looking at it more from the other side though....if there is one decent thing that has come out of the commercialization of these holidays its that it can bring families together, under one roof. I'd love for everyone to "get it" and focus on the true meaning but I'm not sure it will ever get back that way again. If that never happens I'd much prefer people to "celebrate family" rather than "drain the wallet and spoil the kids". (I'd say 85% of our family friends who don't have a religious connection to Christmas do "celebrate family". The other 15% sadly spend more money than they have on foolish gifts that their children don't need.)

Romany said...

"I hope they are meant to be eaten and aren't some sort of fertilizer. ::snort::"

Or suppositories? ROTFLOL!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

**My religion fits me as I'm sure theirs fits them.

Ah, but the issue isn't whether something "fits me" or not...the issue is what is truth, not what fits or what is comfortable. The issue as Paul would say in I Corinthians boils down to "preaching Christ and Him crucified".

Truth is exclusive - Jesus said "I AM THE way, THE truth, THE life, No one comes to the Father except through me." I didn't write the words, but I dare not ignore them or down play them so as not to offend. I care too much to hedge...

This does NOT give His followers the right to be arrogant or rude or harsh....we must strive to imitate Him and be "be full of grace and truth". John 1:14. That balance is hard to live in...truth without grace crushes; grace without truth ceases to be saving grace and leads only to warm fuzzies.

I hope you have hung around enough to know a bit of my heart. I am NOT arrogant, intolerant or unloving....I believe in the inerrant truth of Scripture and that determines my world view. For that I cannot apologize. We seek to be respectful of our host country. I have asked God to give me His heart for Japan...and yes, I am sad that so very many don't have any relationship with Him at all....because I believe He is THE way to the Father.

Those who don't agree with my theology are more than welcome to hang around and visit....hope that this dialogue has helped to clarify for others with questions who didn't want to ask.

This finding the balance between being respectful and yet speaking when the opportunity arises is one that our family prays over quite a bit these days.

Anonymous said...


Tons of love coming you way. We sure do miss you all keenly at times...... other times we miss you just as much but are able to manage. proud mama. love/prayers --- Mom T.

timsarmywifey said...

I would love some rice bowls... hint hint! (snort... ok so I can go to World Market in Lawerence but that's no the same..) We miss living overseas and all the adventures!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

You know, Holly, I'm thinking of a Christmas giveaway. LOL Rice Bowls or Bentos.....or the cute little sake/cup sets (but I havne't a clue what to do with them so haven't bought them) or the tea sets....hmmm....a giveaway...that's what I need.

Kim said...

I've never found a good use for the sake cups - though I am sure there is one. However, I love the sake jugs? I use them and give them away for vases. They often have such cool "Japanese" pictures, or patterns on them!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I have only seen the jug and cups as sets...but you are RIGHT...I've wanted them for the art work etc...I will keep lookiing for just the sake jug. LOL