Tuesday, November 10, 2009


{Shhh...I didn't really blog yesterday. I pre-posted the last two photos. ::snort::}

Here are a few tidbits from yesterday.

Local PWOC. I'm serving as the interim Children's Ministry Coordinator. I love the children, am learning to work better with other's children who don't really like Inductive Studies, continue to wonder about one little one with a snot fetish, and totally LOVE the fellowship with my partner.

I took the 3 younger ones with me yesterday. I really don't NEED Arielle on the weeks that Christie can help. She and Jared are able to stay home and work. I need to take the younger ones. Twyla is running a homeschool room and I so appreciate her care and oversight for my young students. I KNOW that Zander cannot work independently for 90 minutes...and there are older kids in the room every other week...but I so appreciated Twyla's willingness to work with him...even though Zander needs to learn some social skills and not fight with her son. I'm working on it. Twyla, you're a gem! Of course, we NEVER really get done what we would at home, so I continue to feel behind and evaluate Tuesday a.m. involvement. I feel a great need to BE HOME when I'm home because I know more travel is in my future.

After PWOC the younger ones and I did our big shopping at the commissary. The ladies loved my choices of 5 lbs of rice, Miso stuff, and noodles...but when I asked them if the noodles I'd chosen and Miso were o.k. they really frowned and tried to communicate with me. It appears I need soy noodles. I'm not sure WHAT the noodles I bought were for. I was sure they'd be great in broth...they said no. I asked if you'd put veggies over the top of them....no. I asked what you do and they said you cook them and put them in bamboo. OK - I'm lost. They ran and got me "Miso kits" but these seem to be glorified Top Ramen. I plan to grab a friend to take me shopping at the Japanese supermarket and we'll find Ramen noodles....fresh would be lovely. I know I can make Miso Ramen at home. I honestly didn't want the Miso Kits....but as often happens....once they are SO helpful I don't have the heart to say, "Nevermind, I don't want it after all". This accounts for several recent home purchases. ::grin::

Mike worked late again last night. The kids and I ate dinner (YES - REAL FOOD). I worked on the Protestant News. They practiced. Then we put on Narnia and vegged.

There you have it....I called Heronet and requested tech support. He'll be here today at 11:00 a.m. He planned on coming yesterday but since I'm clueless about routers and such I thought he should wait until Mike is home (today is Veteran's Day). Since we have "plan A" this will only cost approx $10 and we should have all 3 pc's and the wireless working.....

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Kim said...

Hi De'Etta! I love your shopping stories! Ramen noodles are sold "raw" vs. dried. So, you might want to look for them in the refridgerated section. They are generally sold with three servings per package. There is generally a soup mix that you can use or not. And, you might find some with a miso ramen soup mix. Miso ramen flavor is much hotter than regular old miso soup. Hope you can find it!