Monday, April 12, 2010

Computers and such....

I swear it ATE the Jeremy Camp CD. I put it in, it's GONE. The itunes/CD player worked fine with other CD's after that. We can't see a CD in there, but where else could it have gone and how will I explain THIS to the library? The laptop ate my CD? ::snort::

I spent the a.m. arguing with Norton/Symantec.....and finally uninstalled all their products and downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials - FREE. Solved all my problems. Thanks again, Don.

The only other funny item of note today: The Enesco Propane man knocked on my patio window. This is out of character. It seems my laundry had blown over again. He showed me what he thinks will solve the problem. We'll see. No matter....everything was dry by evening.

We are plowing on school. If we could do this from the start of the school year we could graduate them by the time they were 11. Which reminds me, I was shocked to find out yesterday that Nolan is 11. ::snort::

I spent nearly all afternoon on Skype. Mike, Josiah, Jamin and I at once. G - Globalization. ::snort:: 3 continents at once.  I had another Skype conversation with Krista and Bre. I  had a couple of PWOC regional Skype calls. What would my life be without a laptop and a fiber optic connection? ::snort::

We ran to the base in time to mail our first package to Mike, only to find that they are closed on Mondays. Ugh.  Jared and Arielle had human video team practice today.

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Linda said...

Are you sure it's in there? That is SO odd!

Kristine said...

Crazy day for you. On the plus side, at least the computer has good taste in music?


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It's got to be in there...I slid it in...ejected and it was gone. Where could it be? But it doesn't seem to be causing any trouble...except I'm going to have a difficult time explaining this to the base library.