Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Picture of Jesus

Luke Chapter Four

I'm in search of an accurate picture of Jesus. If I am to be like Him, I need to see Him clearly.  If I'm to follow him - to walk in abiding fellowship with Him -  I need to recognize Him. I'm watching and observing Jesus - in daily life, in Scripture reading, in Bible studies, as we study the 7 "I Am" sayings of Jesus in John.... Who is this One who is fully God and man? Who is this One who has captured my heart?

As I read through the gospels, I am careful to observe Jesus. It is easy to gloss over stories we've heard before, pet doctrines, pet peeves.....but where is Jesus? What is Jesus doing? How does Jesus act? What difference does Jesus make in the story? How am I to act if I am a follower of Jesus. Where does Jesus lead?

In  Matthew I see Jesus as a King. In Mark I see Him as a servant. In Luke?

Luke sets out to write a detailed and chronologically correct accounting of Jesus' days on earth (Luke 1:1-4). I suspect I will learn much of Jesus in this gospel.  Luke chapter four is FULL of life lessons and great teachings....but I am captured by Jesus. I am captivated by the glimpses I catch of Jesus - here at the start of Luke's gospel.

  • Jesus is full of the Holy Spirit (1) - am I? 
  • Jesus is led by the Spirit - even in the wilderness  (1) - am I? 
  • Jesus was led to temptation (much to say on this) 1 - do I assume temptation is due to my weakness or do I understand there are times when I am led by the Spirit to face a temptation - and I grow. 
  • Jesus wasn't taken in by one quoting Scripture and "sounding" supportive of God's plans (9 - 12) - I have been. 
  • Jesus functioned/lived under the power of the Holy Spirit (14) - do I? Or do I try to fulfill God's purpose with my power? 
  • Jesus taught in synagogues (15-16, 31-33, 44). Often I picture Jesus  railing on "the church" - ministering at  mountains, seasides, meadows...but Jesus is often teaching in the church of His day. 
  • Jesus' teaching was gracious (22) - Is mine? 
  • Jesus' taught with authority and power (33- 36). Do I? Where would this authority and power come from? Am I dwelling with Him? 
    • authority over demons
    • authority over disease
  • Jesus spent time in seclusion (1-2; 42) - do I value time alone with the Father? 
  • Crowds did not distract Jesus from His God-given purpose (43). Am I allowing distractions to the purpose I know I'm called to live out? 
  • Jesus KNEW His purpose (43) - Do I know my purpose? 

I want so much to be like Him. This will only happen as I spend time with Him, as I listen to Him, as I surrender my will to His and obey Him. It will only happen as I follow Jesus. To follow I must recognize Him.

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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