Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pinterest Strikes Again


After four years without Daylight Savings Time, this change is whipping us! 

This is the story of another pinterest project.....and it will be as cute as the last's not as QUICK as I'd thought. 

Just LOOK at that girl.....she's displaying all the colors of the rainbow. 

It takes more time than one would imagine to sort skittles into piles of various colors....

No, the Skittles are NOT why Arielle looks like this.....the little bars below are the culprits. The wrappers are supposed to be GREEN. I asked her to go change the ink in the printer! ::snort::  We are making these for neighbors....and I wanted a little treat for our Bible study....I decided they wouldn't care if they were blue and we won't be meeting again before St. Patrick's -  so there you have it. LOL
 Michael watched me for a bit of time and then set up an assembly line to make wrapping these little peppies quicker. The Skittle treat is turning out cute. I'll post photos of that maybe AFTER Michael takes them to the staff. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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