Thursday, February 26, 2015


The kids really want to go to Japan with us in July. We are retiring in August. This is a rather bad time to spend such a chunk of  money from our savings.

July is NOT the best time to try to fly Space A.

We have resigned ourselves to the fact  they will not be coming with us to Japan in July.

Arielle will be out of our home by that time. We will be leaving for a couple of weeks shortly after she moves out.  This is not setting well with my mama heart as I know this is going to be a hard time for Stacia.

We actually feel like it is important for the kids to be a part of this - but they don't HAVE to be on the vision trip. We weren't as missionary kids.  I AM praying there is a way to get us all over there. LOL Oh well, these are OUR thoughts.

Stacia informed us today she thinks the kids NEED to go with us.  She told me five days was LONG ENOUGH to be apart from us, and she doesn't want to do two weeks. I explained the realities of retirement and savings et al. She told me she was starting a lemonade stand right away. ::snort:: That's a whole LOTTA LEMONADE to sell.  I am looking around to see if I could possibly sell enough to earn their air fare. LOL


Renee said...

I like her determination.

Kim said...

It will be expensive during the summer months, plan to downsize anyway, so maybe you CAN make some money while you do it!