Monday, March 09, 2015

McBean Park - Spring Break Day 2

I did beat the little darlins up! My body was ready to be up at 0330.
I heard a sweet little voice soon after:
Good morning God
This is your day
I am your child
Show me your way
I told her God isn't up at 0330 - He's snuggling down for another hour of sleep. Poor theology. I know. I know.
The time change didn't lead to later mornings for our's been awhile since the dinos have been played with.
Clara Beth animal tamer extradonaire!
We all got up, ate, I worked out, and we headed to Lincoln for McBean Park.

Clara, Nolan, Cole, Stacia, Elise, Arielle
 Alex asked to stay home. He said his ears are bothering him. I'm not quite sure if he has a bit of congestion - has no symptoms - or if he just craved some quiet. I let him stay home.

She's a natural!

Cole scales tall walls

This is a really nice park which we need to visit more often! Especially NOW when the weather is in the mid- high 70's and most are in school. ::snort::

I did find it ironic to note all the TRASH around the park. I rarely saw trash in the parks in Japan (the beach was a different story) and there are no trash cans at the parks in Japan. I looked around and observed empty trashcans all over the park. I picked up trash while the kids played....and got an education on the things kids are eating and drinking these days. LOL

We came home in time for Nolan and Arielle to have Japanese and the girls to nap.

I made biscuits, a salad and cut up fruit, to go with the roast and veggies we'd put in the crock pot early this a.m.

These kids were waiting for Michael to get home - so.was.I.  Takes me back a few years - to the days when all Michael had to do to be my big time hero was walk in the front door. ::snort::

Elise flies upside down
After dinner we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood - tis the season - great weather and just a few mosquitoes.  We used to do nightly walks to wear the kids out before bed.

Leisurely walk.....

Burning off energy

Day 2 of Spring Break is in the bucket. It was a fun day. BEAUTIFUL weather! I do keep thinking we really NEED RAIN.

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