Sunday, March 08, 2015

Spring Break - Day 1

We have declared the upcoming week to be SPRING BREAK.....and we kicked it off by welcoming 3 more children into our home. They'll spend a few days with us while their parents have some pre-deployment couple time.  It's fun for all of us to have little ones in the house again.  Wednesdays are ALWAYS crazy and Thursday the kids and I are leaving town for a few days.

We settled in, played around and when we thought Yuuki would appreciate a break....we walked to the blue park.

Stacia, Zander and Clara Beth

Shoot out at the OK Corral - Cole on top

Elise doing her Calamity Jane impression

Nolan and Elise

Ah - sweet hugs for Arielle from Elise

He decided not to use it in this setting - great choice!
 Stacia is five feet tall now! She comes to the top of my nose. She is nine years old. I think she may hit six feet in the photo below.
 The girls needed a water break..and I was going as fast as I could but eventually Elise decided she could use the dog watering faucet much easier....

Elise was nice enough to help Clara get a good drink
 After dinner we had about an hour to play. Cole LOVES the walkie talkies the boys have......

It was a lot of fun to listen to the dialogue between him and the big boys upstairs. It's obvious these are military kids.

Meanwhile Mr. Mike entertained the kids taking strange photos.....
Elise is quite the photographer!

Michael, Elise and Clara (in the pjs)
Odd, odd photos.....Michael, Elise, Clara, Stacia and Arielle's feet
I'm glad we opted to simply enjoy the kids this week - rather than trying to fit school in too - we're brainstorming what we want to do.

We settled down with a bit of Veggie Tales and then off to bed.

Michael and I are going to spend some time in the backyard onsen to reward ourselves for successfully resurrecting our pre-school parenting skills. ::grin::


Wilma said...

Are Elise and Clara twins? My newest great granddaughter is named Elise. Both names are beautiful!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, Wilma. Clara Beth and Elise are identical twins.

Anonymous said...

neat you got then for a few day., Custe kids. l/p