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September 13, 2006, I promised to do a weekly "Big Family Myth" post; then life got busy. I do want to get all the Big Family Myths on one page. Truly, according to MY perspective, I sought to clarify what was myth and fact in a large family.

If you are wondering if you may be a large family, I suggest you check out my very own list of litmus tests: You know you're a large family when.... (the different colored text are clickable links).

An idea is born - an explanation of big family myths

Myth 1 & 2 - Your washing machine never stops running; Someone always needs a bath.

Myth 3 - Individual needs cannot possibly be met in a large family

Myth 4 - Those with large families don't know "what causes that"

Myth 5 - Laundry spewing from all corners myth - Part 1

Big Family Myths morphed into a short lived meme....which may or may not "someday" be reborn. I had to keep my focus - the main goal of this blog is to "document family history" and we've gotten rather busy making history in this season.....

It is my heart to be an encouragment to moms in the trenches. I'm there...though my family is shrinking. I currently have six children who live at home. We have a total of nine children.

I'm often asked questions about our family: we are a bit "odd". We are quiverful, we homeschool, we bake our own bread, our girls are currently single and living far away from us ( with our 100% blessing), we tend heavily to grace based parenting, we are an Air Force family, we eat crunchy, I submit wholeheartedly and usually joyfully to Mike, but am also a licensed pastor at HIS urging ...we don't fit most boxes. (Feel free to share what other boxes we may not fit and I'll add them to the list. LOL)

HOWEVER - those who know us have blessed us by repeatedly commenting on the HEART of our adult children and asking how "you got them to that point". I used to simply say, "it's the grace of God". Which is TRUE!!!!! Oh, His grace! I still like that answer best. Another answer I used to give is "it takes a lot of WORK!" I was challenged by a godly mentor at a pastor's conference a year ago to begin to give more of an answer when asked. Why? She felt (after observing our adult daughters in service and worship) that we had heard specific words on how to raise and mentor our children and that people are honestly wanting to hear what we have learned on our journey.

I had earlier begun "big family myths" on the blog. I had also addressed various issues as I was asked. I'm sort of combining it all here under a new title...with a deadline.

My heart is to encourage. I suspect that some with "small" famlies will be as encouraged as those with "super size" families. Afterall, if YOU feel like you have a super size family - you do! ::snort::

I'm quite sure I won't make deadline EVERY let's exhibit some grace from the start and aim for "most Saturdays" or even "many Saturdays. ::snort::

I'm considering having a carnival by the same name tied to the blog eventually. This would give the opportunity for others to share THEIR thoughts and link to one spot so others could find it. The logo is still a work in progress...eventually I hope to have it as a clickable graphic (linking back here) that you can upload to your blog. Feel free to save the graphic to your harddrive and make it clickable yourself if you know how...
Guidelines for Super Size Saturday.
Schedule for 9 May - 4 July.

I'll link posts here and put the page in the sidebar so they are easy to find. In the next few days/weeks I'll transfer most the big family myths to this page.

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