A few short cuts we may use in our writing.

Gherkins - collective and individual nickname for our offspring; online pseudonym for our last name. If you know us in person, you understand. 

Full timing Acronyms and Vocabulary
We've added a new vocabulary to our lifestyle since retirement.  Here are some terms you may see on our blog.

Caboose - our 31 ft Outback bunk house
RV - recreational vehicle (includes all sorts of homes on wheels)

MH - Motor Home

TT - Travel Trailer - in context could also mean Thousand Trails

S&B - Sticks and Bricks home - you know the kind we left

FT - full time; full timing - living in an RV

5er - Fifth Wheel

PA - Passport America

RPI - Resort Parks International

KOA - Kampgrounds of America

CG - campground

COE - Corp of Engineer campground

BLM - Bureau of Land Management campground

SP - State Parks

Boondocking - parking without a hook up (parking lot, forest)

Moochdocking - parking in friend's or family's driveway

Wallydocking - yes, it has it's own terms and regs - parking overnight at Walmart

FtF - Full Time Families - a book, a facebook group, a movement of FAMILIES who are living full time in their RVs.

Road Schooling - seems to be used two ways: 1. un-schooling using your travels as the basis of educating your children and 2. "homeschooling" while traveling.

Road's Scholars - what I decided to call our homeschooling after taking an informal poll on my Facebook page.

Military Acronyms
 Here is a breif list of military speak you may read on this blog, if reading entries from our active duty season.

RE - Religious Education (Sunday School)

AFI - official Air Force Regulations

PAC AF - Pacific Air Force (our command)

PAC - Parish Advisory Council

COLA - Cost of Living Allowance, given based on government surveys

BHA - Basic Housing Allowance - $ for housing off base

LSC - Leadership Selection Chairman/ PWOC

TLA - Money given for lodging during a move

TLF - Temp. Lodging Facility

OSC - Offiers' Spouse Club

CGO - Company Grade Officers

FGO - Field Grade Officers

PWOCI - Protestant Women of the Chapel International (sometimes labeled PWOC)

TDY - short trip

PCS - move (permanent change of station)

POR - Purchase Order Request

CTOF - Chapel Tithe and Offering Fund

RECON Leave - 2 weeks of  "free" leave  at the end of a deployment...Reconstitution - in our case it serves to reconstitute our family