If you're curious about the paradise we've landed in, or if you are pcsing here...enjoy. One of the hardest things for us to adjust to was no street signs and, therefore, no detailed city maps (Japanese or English). We've not seen fancy GPS units be much help (remember very few street names). We've found using directions at some of the links below (I usually check a few and compare), marking the location as a way point on our handheld Garmin, and then using it to get back home and return again works well. LOL Many have commented they search our blog for spots they want to go and our directions have helped them out.  Searching names on Choosing Joy may pull up entries about our visits with photos and such.

Some of our Favorite Spots in Misawa: 
Be aware that many places have an American name and a Japanese name...if you ask a Japanese national for directions to "Sand Dollar Beach," "Towada Horse Park,"  or "Swan Park," etc they may not know where you want to go. Try to learn the Japanese names (but you'll need the popular names to communicate with Americans. ::snort::).

Hinatobokko - My favorite bakery in Misawa, yummy breads

Karinba - our favorite Chinese Restaurant

New Delhi - My favorite Indian restaurant in Misawa

Massimo Pizza - All but one of us love this pizza

Phada's Thai Restaurant -

Kiku Zushi is said to have the best sushi in town - I wouldn't know as I don't do sushi but they have AMAZING vegetable tempura!

Tonami Clan Memorial Tourist Village

Miss Veedol Memorial Park - Nice beaches, forests and picnic spot...western toilets at the rest area before the entrance, Japanese toilets in park

Shimoda Park - Swan Park - we've mentioned it here, here, here  and many more times

Statue of Liberty Park - The biggest Statue of Liberty in Japan - we've mentioned it here, here and many more times -  A must see during Cherry Blossom season

Shipwreck Beach - Nice drive, we've found 4 glass floats here (to date)

Momoishi Beach  - find lots of sea glass - this is where I found my red piece

Tanesashi Beach and drive - Beautiful coastline and white sand

Misawa Aviation and Science Museum - AWESOME winter and rainy day activity

Hachinohe Children's Land/Botanical Gardens

Towada Horse Park (Komakko Land) 

Directions on Choosing Joy
Cape Shiriya - Shiriyazaki
Easy Routes out of Misawa
Hachinohe City Museum (Jomon ruins CLOSE to us - great English speaking helps)
Hyakka Ryousai (Foot Onsen Produce Market)
Hirosaki Castle
Korekawa Archaeological Institute (Hachinohe)
Inakadate Village Tanbo Art
Nejyo Castle and Historic Plaza - GREAT  (Hachinohe)
Risoukyo Flower Farm and Outdoor Museum
Satsuki Pond - Rokunohe
Towada Horse Park 

**GPS Coordinates for many spots around Northern Japan 

General Info/ Driving Directions etc. 

*New - Melissa has a great list of driving directions for this area of Japan at Sonrise to Sonset
- check it out - these are great! Photos, kilometers marked...accurate....good stuff. 

Misawa City Web page - link broken, looking for new one

Misawa Chamber of Commerce - translated

MisawaJapan.com  - Lots of info here. I've NEVER gotten lost following the directions on this site. Nice overview of the city of Misawa. 

Simon's Hakkoda Tours - Simon also maintains a page on Face Book that is full of great info and directions...Out the Gate. Jared hiked Hakkoda with Simon.

Driving Directions from Misawa AB - 30 pages of directions. Honestly, we've found these aren't always accurate and I will NEVER leave with ONLY these directions on future trips. Often directions say "miles" but you want to go kilometers, or they assume you know the area somewhat....or colors of buildings have changed...combined with others, they've worked.

35 FSS - ITT directions - it looks like these are currently being updated....not a lot here yet...but soon? Includes train schedules and maps.

Hyperdia - type in your destination and get several suggestions for routes, train, plane, walking, car....as well as prices.

Photomann....guides, maps, brochures

Misawa Life - great if you are PCSing....treasure trove of Misawa AB and area info...maps, schedules...I'd love to meet Misawa Mama.

Japan Atlas (Virtual)

35 FSS Website

Misawa Daily Photo - Doesn't seem to be currently updated, but some great photos of the area. We enjoyed viewing before our PCS and then visiting when we arrived.

Japan National Tourism Organization - Local festivals, holidays, tourist destinations, travel tips

Weather Related Info 
Japan Quake Map - this is a WONDERFUL time-lapse, interactive map of quake activity since March 11th, 2011.  You can set it for 3 hours ago or 3 months ago and get a feel for what life in Northern Japan has been like.

Japan Meteorological Agency - shows the magnitude and intensity

Misawa Disaster Information System - this was started after a typhoon warning when it became apparent that English speaking residents living off base did not understand the public service announcements. They will send you alerts of disasters and warnings via phone or pc....in English.  Our family finds this very useful and informative.

Misawa Weather - Weather Underground

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