Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jared's Camp

Many have emailed, called or left comments. Here's more info.

Last year Jamin and Jared earned their $ to go to World View Academy. It would not be stretching it to say that this was a life-defining week for both boys. The material is rigorous, the games are rigorous....the whole thing is "intense"....and certainly it honed their vision for how God may use them in the kingdom, as well as taught them leadership skills etc.

Jared has worked HARD this year but has more responsibilities with CAP and at home and so hasn't been able to roam the streets drumming up work all day long 6 days a week. Our homeschool support group usually has a group that works to raise funds, publicize the students who are earning money etc...but that hasn't happened this year either. He DOES get a $50 discount because there are 5 students going from our homeschool support group.

Because you've asked....Jared's cost is $495 to attend a week long leadership camp. At this point he has $400 of the amount raised (including a generous gift he heard about yesterday). He has $95 left to earn. He's a bit worried as the money is due 1 Sept, the week after we get back from leave......but there is NO WAY we are leaving him home.

He has a job to stain a neighbor's fence lined up for tomorrow. He will NOT let us pay him for doing our yard or outside windows. In fact, we paid the $100 deposit and he is determined to pay us back - but to attend he only needs $95 and it won't hurt him to accept a gift from Mom and Dad. ::snort:: I believe he'll make the simply isn't happening the same way it did last year...but that again is a God lesson. We've always told the kids we'd pay 1/2 for camps, conferences, retreats, youth functions...but the boys have been determined for years to earn 100%. At this point we can't really pay for the whole thing for him...but we know that God will provide for this camp if Jared is meant to attend.

If you are local and would like to have Jared do work for you....please contact him (our phone number is in the SACHSA directory or phone book). He'll be available through the weekend and then again the last week of August. He takes out cactus, washes outside windows, mows lawns, lays sod, cleans 4 ft deep pools, trims trees, stains fences, rakes leaves and is willing to try whatever you are willing to ask him to do. LOL

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Michelle said...

What a hard worker he is! I wished we lived closer. I would have hired him for some work around here today.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Man could we ever keep Jared busy working around our yard. We have gotten tons done but seems our steam has ran out and..... :):)

So glad things are working out for Jared. PTL! for lessons he is and will be learning. God is Good!

When we did our lawn it was 4000 sq. ft of sod we rolled out. Had some help from Mikhail all day and Andrew, Will some, plus we hired some guy, etc. It was an all day project and looks so NICE!

He'll earn enough yet I bet. What a hard worker.

Your cousin James has a son, Paul, who has a landscaping business in Baton Rouge that has put him thru college so far and keeps him in good shape for his car and everything else he needs and often wants. Good way to earn money.

Don't think I like the cactus job though.

l/p Mom T

Janette said...

Please----can he come to Kansas for a few days. It is only two states (and a 10 hour drive) away. I did the drive last year....
Deck, grass, windows----we need a make over-lol
Lucky Texas. It gets him all to itself!

Cynthia said...

Praying it all works out.

Margie said...

Call me when you get back into town.