Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We have 2000 lbs that will be shipped ahead of us (though we realize at this point it isn't going nearly as far ahead of us as recommended ::snort::).

The unaccompanied/hold will be delivered to us when we have a house/apartment and could be all we have for a couple of months. The base will loan us furniture, dishes etc until our things arrive. We are told to take the things that will make that wait for our goods easier.


Mike's Uniforms

Clothes (this x7 may use up most the weight)


What else?


9 weeks of school material? or not?

The laptop will go with me, our Bibles and a few books will be tucked into our bags. I plan to be working on photos until the day we board a plane so will have to mail those things to Japan.

I KNOW some of you military spouses are reading....what did you take or do you wish you had taken in your hold baggage? If you're not military and you were living in a foreign country without your things...what things would you want to be sure you have?

Choosing Joy!
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Just me~Bobbie Jo said...

Right now the only thing that came to mind is toys for the younger kids. Maybe something that will help them feel at ease at the new place.

Heather said...

I agree with Bobbie Jo, Toys and things for the younger ones to do, especially their favorites to ease any anxiety on their parts.

Also, I don't know about the fans or anything that you might need to plug in. Although, you will more than likely need the fans, etc, most of that can be gotten or borrowed there.

I did ship my favorite cooking utensils that I use on a regular basis in our hold baggage.

I'll let you know anything else I can think of.

Deja said...

We did this when we first moved here. Lived with family for 3 months with our lives in boxes in storage. I did pack some of these things to have with us until we could get to our stuff.

Favorite toys/games for the kids.

Most used kitchen gear/appliances.

Dvd player with new to you dvds
(unless your laptop plays dvds?).

Pillows - nah, bought fresh ones. But DID bring favorite blankets.


Annies Mac and Cheese and almond granola ;-) Okay, I didn't store these, but YOU might want to pack some up if you can...

Cynthia said...

I sure wouldn't plan to take very much homeschool curriculum, but what do I know I've never moved more 30 miles in my entire life (LOL)! I just can't imagine wanting to crack open the books when you have a whole new area to explore and get acquainted with... maybe just a few things, but not all of your curriculum?

Anonymous said...

We took the basics and really scaled down the amount of kitchen items to pack. We didn't take every sheet or towel, and we took no furniture. We did take a couple of bikes, but the weight restrictions are not as strict going back stateside so you can always pick stuff up at the Airman's attic if you need something. You may find you like certain Japanese accessories or appliances better. It may be a library season; the book boxes always are our heaviest weight! Talk to you soon!

Renee said...

Most of Mike's uniforms should go in his suitcase as will summer clothes for the family. You will not want to be without those if your hold baggage is delayed.

In hold baggage, I would ship cool weather/rain clothing.
I would bring some kitchen stuff... what the lending closet has is typically slim pickings. they'll typically lend you one fork, spoon, knife, plate, bowl per person.... so some extras are nice.
Our lending closet in Germany was NO longer giving out towels, sheets or pillows (which are necessities)- so pack one set for each bed and person. Also a shower curtain and hooks, a bathmat (for outside the tub)... bicyles/scooters/skates - a way to get the kids outside and playing plus a mode of transportation.
A tv w/DVD player? Or I suppose you could use the computer?
A few games....You'll want some toys for the younger children (although each will probably stuff their carryon with toys as well).

If you pack out in May (regular HHG) that shipment won't arrive until Aug???? so yes, you may want to bring some school's a hard call because you never know how fast/slow the shipment will be....

if/when I think of other things I"ll holler since we've done the "hold baggage" thing 5x in the last 9 yrs

Renee said...

what do you know about the electricity there???? Will the fans work on-post? Will they work if you're off post???

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Electricity is 100 - things will work just a bit slower. FANS ARE A MUST! EVERYONE who has been there has told me to bring one for each room because there is NO AC on base and it is hot and humid in the summer. The BX evidently sells out of them the minute they arrive - reminds me a bit of Elemendorf's BX. LOL

Yes, TMO has told us we "should" have packed out in March - but um...we didn't have ORDERS until Friday. ::snort::

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

BTW, all, thanks for the suggestions.

Romany said...

We were in this situation twice with the children (young both times) and what they needed most of all were 'familiar things'. The little embroidered pillow they used to play with whilst nursing, as many favourite toys as possible, a picture which hung in our livingroom, a photo album of familiar people.

It was familiarity we went for rather than usefulness. (Useful things we just borrowed if we could). Things which, when in a new house, would make it feel like home for the children. It really paid off!!!

As for school stuff? I wouldn't do conventional school during those 9 weeks. I'd use the base library, however limted it might be, read a lot, go for lots of walks, arrange lots of play dates and do fun things like cook together and connect with your family, the new surroundings and new friends.

Praying for you.

Renee said...

Typically a regular hhg packout takes 2-3 months to arrive 'in country" and hold baggage 4-8 wks..... but things have arrived faster and slower.
I know about no A/C... we lived without for 6 yrs overseas..... so I would defniitely pack fans in hold baggage if they'll work both on and off post.....