Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arielle's Birthday

Life is a blur and I don't remember why Krista and I went over to the house early on the 23rd - but we did.

We were determined to make a birthday banner and found supplies for that in the house. I thought it was pretty cute. Everyone signed it and Jamin told us to hang it behind his graduation table. He also got a birthday balloon for his graduation table. It was about perfect for our two introverts to share the day with each other. LOL

We went to Mr. G's for lunch.

This photo should be last.....woe to she who eats slowly...

Waiting for bumper cars...


Arielle and her banner...the pig hat is packed.


It was a blast to have the whole family at a table again....4 to be precise.

I've just been kicked off at 20 minutes because a military student needs the will be nice to be back at a family base. ::snort::

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Anonymous said...

GREAT seeing all of you together!!

Anonymous said...


Nice fun looking outing. Together again. Interesting how one waits for and then treasurers all the times the whole family gets together again after the kids start leaving the nest.

Looks like your were all haveing a great celebration.

l/p Mom T