Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday's Moving Mayhem

I had such great hopes for this day. I eagerly read the Word, headed to the gym, took a shower and attacked the day.....
I thought I'd go through the younger 4's closets one final time.....they've been making cuts, but I knew it was time for the final, ruthless cut.....The boys have a HUGE closet and two shelves that run both sides of it. We've used it for storage.
Here begins the tale of what happened to my leg:
I climbed on Zander's stool. This is the stool Krista made him for Christmas. He usually keeps his running shoes on top of it in the closet. It seemed stead and I could reach the top shelf if I stretched.
"Mom, I don't think you should stand on that, you might break it," worried Zander.
I calmly replied, "It's o.k., Zander. It's steady."
Nolan interjected, "Yeah, Zander, Dad fixed it."
As I heard those words I decided Zander may be right. Alas, the stool shattered into several pieces right as Nolan finished. I let out a whoop of some sort. Arielle and Nolan tried valiantly not to laugh.

Zander's eyes filled with tears. It was a Mommy low. He came in and hugged me. I apologized. I was sore...but nothing seemed sprained. I don't think we can glue this back together. I told him I'd put a hanger on the back and we'd hang it on the wall. Zander gave me a higher "stool". Without thinking I jumped up.
I was saying, "Hey, I can reach the top shelf on this," when I crashed through it.

Yep, the bottom crashed out. See the jagged edges? I'm guessing that is what scratched my leg. The bottom of my foot is cut and hurt. My toe is throbbing (nail is torn). My leg is on fire. I did NOT cry or scream terribly...but I did say "OUCH - that hurts!"
Then I noticed blood and kids staring and said, "Quick, get me a paper towel before I bleed on the carpet!" They began to move with me urging, "Hurry, get me a towel!"
At this point Jamin and Jared came to see why they were hearing repeated squeals. I guess Nolan went and told them, "Mom fell two times."
I'm sitting on the carpet saying, "Ouch....catch the blood," and other such wonderful comments when I realized that Zander has been talking on the cell phone. He told us he had "found" Krista's number. Oh my word. She was at work and got this call and could hear me saying, "Quick, get a towel...I'm bleeding" etc. ::snort::
We moved to the recliner. The kids brought me hydrogen peroxide. Jamin brought me an Ibuprofen and a glass of water. I was balancing the water on my lap. Stacia wanted to help. She let out the recliner for me....the water.....well.....I got wet. I was laughing hard by this time.
The doorbell rang. The painter was here to give me an estimate. I met him at the door.
"Ma'am, is this a bad time?"
"No, I always look like this." ::snort:: I told him the story. We began the painting tour. The doorbell rang again.
I'm still very wet. It was a man from the city. Remember when we had NO water and then LOW water pressure? Lately we've had LOTS of water pressure. Neighbors began to tell us that pipes were bursting. We called them to check. Normal pressure is 60 and ours was 95. They'll be out to dig up pipes or something in our yard. ::sigh:: I didn't explain to him why I looked like this...I had two painters waiting inside.
I got back inside and Zander was telling the painters all our family secrets. "I want a cat. Dad hates cats. Dad once built a catapult and shot cats into the girls dorm." I believe he's mixed up several stories...Kim, Steve????
We finished the tour. I got another estimate. My clothes had dried and I ran out to meet Heather.
Thanks, Heather! Heather, treated me to lunch at the Grill. We discussed a bit how hard it is to find things to write on a "family blog". I told her it was fairly easy for me. She commented that they are boring...and I said...we aren't exciting. Mike says I'm just klutzy. ::snort::
I got home and discovered Jamin and Jared had cut branches back on the back tree....and took some roof shots.
jared; roof


I DID finish the closets this afternoon.
Jared replaced two toilet seats...and found time to take this photo...
Nolan thought this a better pose....

Krista called back to see how I was and discuss how important it was to me to see her new apartment. I'm not sure.
Mike came home and took me to dinner. It seems Krista had called him and suggested it! What a gal. Carino's has a special from today - 8th. Mom's eat free with the purchase of one entree. I had a salad, an entree and a tiny dessert (just right). I brought 1/2 the entree home. If you live near a Carinos check this out.
Jamin just got home from work and wonders if he should move out tomorrow or Mother's Day so he's "out of the way" when the movers arrive. UGH..... ::NO...YOU...CAN'T...MOVE....OUT!:: I told him I was thinking he'd stay with us in the trailer until we left.....hmmm....I guess it's time to face the facts.
A fun day - lots of laughing, lots of bags leaving the house... the kids grabbed the camera this a.m. and said, "This will make a great blog entry". Yes, the blog has become an essential part of recording our family history. ::snort::
Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Therese said...

oh my. Never a dull moment. I thought that the scratches were from a cat or something like that. I never would have guessed a fall.

Anonymous said...

Yah, always something exciting going on at your house! And to think that someone grabbed the camera to document it all just cracks me up. Sounds like something min would do, too, thinking like junior bloggers.

Judy Dudich said...

Oh you poor dear DeEtta!
I DID laugh at the "Mam, is this a bad time?" part...sorry...but the image of you standing there all wet and that poor man thinking...well....who knows just got the best of me and I LOL :)

Hope the rest of the move goes more smoothly for ya'.

Renee said...


What a day... but as you know those types of things always happen during a PCS; it makes it all the more exciting (not). Hope today is a more dull and boring day

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I found it hilarious and spent most the day was a great day.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Oh No, I hope you're ok now. It did make for a funny day and story but still I'm guessing you might be sore even today.

Linda said...

I don't know what to say but, "Oh my word, what a day!"

Anonymous said...


This Mama joined you in laughing. How funny! However, those two things your stood on look fragile. Pick better things to stand on.

So sorry. What a neat, wonderful, and awesome family you have to take foto's, worry about you etc. Pretty neat that "boy" getting ahold of Krista. :)

Never to many dull moments in such an awesome family.

:):):):):):):) my poor "baby"

love/prayers Mom T

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Never a dull moment at YOUR house!

God be with you, De'Etta,


Darshia said...

"Ouch!" Praise Him for laughter, the best medicine for the soul.

Cynthia said...

LOL! What a day.... Tell him NO moving out on Mother's Day. That just isn't right. He should at least wait until the day after Mother's Day.... I honestly don't know how you're holding it together. I'd be a weeping sobbing mess by now with a graduation, a move out of the country, another one moving out of the house.... You're amazing.

berrypatch said...

Glad there was a happy ending. :-) It sounds like something I would have done... LOL