Friday, May 29, 2009

Super Size Saturday - Mom I'm Bored....

Today's Super Size Saturday topic is, "Mom, I'm bored." You can share your answer to this comment or anything else that you can tie in.

Mr. Linky sent me an email telling me to go to their blog and learn about some problem with their header embeds...and so I'm not using them again until I have time to go read their comments. Today, simply leave a comment or a link to your blog article on the topic in the comment section.

This is my Summer Fun list. I received it years ago from an SHS member. The children don't often say they are bored...but if they do, we check out this list...or I assign them a chore that I need done. LOL

What do you do to fight off genuine boredom in your family? What do you do if the comment is made with a whine? Or if you know it stems from a lack of initiative. Feel free to blog and share your link...or simply comment.

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Renee said...

I like your idea of a written list. Usually if someone dares to say they're bored, I reply with "I have chores you can do" and that usually puts an end to the complaints

Unknown said...

My kids have been trained early on NOT to say the words "I'm bored." To me, "I'm bored" means "Mom, find me something to do" and so I comply - with chores. It only took Joshua cleaning the bathroom twice (and his very quick-to-catch-on sisters watching him) before NO ONE came to me complaining of boredom.

One day, Brooke wasn't thinking and she stretched and yawned and murmurred, "I'm bored." The words no sooner left her mouth (and she saw me looking at her) before she QUICKLY said, "No, no, I'm TORN. Yes, I'm TORN between reading a book and (whatever the second activity was)" and she rapidly left the room. That was two or three years ago. :^D