Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 10 - Camping Buddies

There are times when you make friendships that you simply KNOW will last a lifetime. Our friendship with the B family is such. We've been friends since college days. We've camped together, laughed together and cried together. We spent Friday with them.
Stacia wholeheartedly approves of Sweet Sarah's new husband, Jason.

Don has a birthday.....

Believe it or not, getting ON is the easy part! ::snort::
Jason assists Don off the trampoline.
Jordan demonstrates his unicycle
Jordan unicycle

Don, Jordan, Mike and Jared worked on a shed. Jared shares his unique perspective of our trip and his adjustments on his blog. Check here and here for his thoughts on the day in ID.
Beth and I went shopping, chatted, fixed dinner, did laundry, chatted, picked up a birthday cake and RAINIER CHERRIES....dinner was wonderful and after dinner we played rousing rounds of Mafia.
Thanks, B family, for being willing to give Beatrix a home and for hosting us on our manic trip across the U.S.

Oh - Mom Jared has some photos of he and the kids in Hardin here.

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