Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Krista!

Our second born is 22 years old today!

Krista was born with the gift of service. When she was younger we worked hard for her to understand that she was loved for WHO she is and not for WHAT she does.... We've taken great joy in watching God mature this gift for His benefit during the past 22 years.

When Krista heard we were moving, she put in her notice at work so that she could come out for Jamin's graduation, stay to help us get things ready for the move and travel with us. It appears an Air Force brat can never have enough of cross country pcs trips. ::snort::


Krista has an amazing sense of determination. School was TOUGH for her. She has dyslexia and this meant that learning to read, write and spell was a chore...but she is determined and has an "I can do this" temperment. I was amazed a couple of months ago to get a call asking me to save all the orginal philosphers and years of Cornerstone curricum because she'd like to "run through them again"....this was the curriculum that the publisher advised us not to try with her because it was for "gifted" students. May I encourage you that if God impresses on you that something is right for your child - HE is the EXPERT? ::snort::

One aspect of dyslexia is that Krista can SEE the big math, in life, in jobs....and therefore is a great one to solve all sorts of problems....and she's learning the need to communicate WHY the big plan will work to others...but often she simply KNOWS and SEES the big plan and isn't sure why......

Krista will enter Eugene Bible College this year as a Junior (she has lots of credits to transfer from non-traditional sources). She is pursuing a degree in Intercultural Ministries.... missions...and we are excited to see where God leads her.

Thanks for all your help these past days, Sweets! We love you! God blessed us real good when he placed you in our family.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...


We should have saved our B-Day greeting until I read more of your Mom's post's. How right she is about your gift.

We remember you having saved in your special drawer/boxes and whatever just about anything anyone might need. I remember several times you even had what G'Ma Simmons and I wanted. What a gal! I think you get some of your ways from Grandma Simmons.

We remember so well how your brother, Joshia, sat you down one day after a special conversation you & he had, and helped you over the hump to unscrambling words etc and you were then on you way!!!

Anyway, we love you so much and have been so proud of your for so many years and know the Lord has a great future ahead for you. What fun you will have as He leads you. Yes, fun, because even the hard times seem a bit fun down the road a few years. It's True!!

We look forward to hearing how your next 22 years go and learning of all the exciting things about to happen as you start a new phase of your learning and life!!

love & prayer always, your 2G's T.

Cynthia said...

I'm blessed to have known both of your older girls in their younger days! It's been fun to watch them grow up from afar!

Kristine said...

DeEtta, I hadn't heard about Krista and Eugene. Exciting to see what God has planned for her...