Sunday, June 14, 2009

We've Arrived in Crescent City

First, do please pray for our children. Several are feeling rather homeless and wishing we were settled....however, we ARE enjoying our time with friends and family. It's a rather shiftless season to live through. ::snort::

While our friends in San Angelo swelter in triple digit heat....I BOUGHT A SWEATSHIRT TO WARD OFF THE CHILL. We've arrived in Crescent City. I must note that driving 55 mph on flat roads in OR is a hard pill to swallow after 75/80 mph in ID and TX. ::snort:: I digress... This is home for Mike. For those who are new blog readers...Mike's folks live within easy walking distance of Jed Smith State Park....the Redwoods...and the Smith River is LITERALLY their front yard. It's beautiful here...if a bit foggy and rainy. This is an incredibly peaceful location.

Mike and I reconnected with Mom Mary and Dad Earl. Mom Mary, Mike and I enjoyed pouring over an old photo album of Grandma Ann. The kids headed down to the beach....and Mike and Mom Mary talked about various things that we hope to accomplish while we are here. It was a lovely visit after a long trip. We will be here for 10 days.


Early a.m. starts are hard on a little Stacia sleeps with "Pink" elephant and her chick fil a cow.

Traveling with TWO vehicles (Toyota and a 15 pass van) is NEW for us...Stacia kicks back...when I told her I was going to take a photo, she waved her toes and said, "Cheese!"

With a front yard like THIS who needs TV, X box etc?

A LOT of driftwood....


I apologize, dear Aggie friends. I take no responsibility for this young man. He's now corrupted his sister and she is also making obscene signs at the camera....


The "kids" had a great time starting a fort out of driftwood and diverting all the marshy pools into one fast flowing stream to the river.

Back at the trailer, Mike and the boys set up the gazebo to provide a bit of protection for the table in the moist, damp, misty climate.
I'm so GLAD to have a few days to settle and not travel.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Deja said...

I've enjoyed reading of your daily jaunts...though I miss reading things like: "power playdate with the A family. talked to Deja on the phone...etc."
I'm glad you have TEN WHOLE DAYS (I guess 9 now) to be in one spot. Can't think of a better place to kick back than that beautiful country.
And yes, we are sweltering here...I'm sure your boys have told you but we've been over 105 a few times in the past week!

Cynthia said...

So nice that you stay in one place for more than a week!!

Debbie said...

Stepping up prayers for the young crowd. I can only imagine how unsettled it must feel by now.

I have been enjoying very much your travels.

I'm sure it will be a blessing for you to be in one place for a bit.

Linda said...

Love the smiling toes! :)

Yvonne said...

Ah you're in my favorite place in the world! The Redwoods are where God has met me in THE most amazing ways. What a blessing for you!

I'll step up my prayers for your family.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks all for the prayers...and YES...being surrounded by this much of God's amazing creation does tend to make me more aware of His work in our lives.

Anonymous said...

haha sounds like a lot of fun. as far as the heat goes on friday we were the hottest city in the US....whoohooo lucky us lol

Mom's Place said...

We have fond memories of Crescent City! Ended up there due to unfortunate events while on our Honeymoon!
Enjoy the rest in driving and have fun enjoying the cooler weather and beautiful scenes!

Anonymous said...

MY G-Babies feet are so cute and they are smiling. :):)

Such fun to just sit back and enjoy the quietness of this place.

Love the way the kids are having such fun. Nothing better.

l/p/ Mom T