Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exploring S Seattle

There are so MANY things within walking distance of our hotel.

This a.m. we walked to BK for "brunch". Walked to Office Depot for a power cord. Walked to Barnes and Nobel for...well... we DID have a suitcase of books stolen.


Then walked back to the hotel and swam. Did I mention it is 102* today?

This evening we walked to a Japanese Steakhouse! and had dinner with my 4 cousins, their children and grand children. What a treat! Our chef was full of helpful advice when we told him we were moving to Misawa. He said that this sort of food would be very expensive in Japan and to enjoy now. It wasn't terribly cheap here. ::snort:: He asked if we'd like to try Chicken Sushi. ::snort::

He said we could pick up the bowls and drink the soup?

The kids figured out the chopsticks fairly quickly.


I got tired of flinging salad around the table and working diligently for one grain of rice....and asked for some kiddy chopsticks. This was a source of great fun, but I was able to eat my meal with chopsticks. ::snort::

Zander was enthralled with the antics of the chef.


He shot a shrimp into Jared's mouth. ::snort::

My cousin Launnie kept Zander entertained with spinning coins.

After dinner we walked to Target for a few things. We bought bread to feed the ducks in the pond behind the hotel....but it was too dark to do that tonight. We'll try tomorrow.

The kids did get bored with the walking and staying in a hotel room. In fact, Jared, decided to ride the elevators up and down and listen to conversations. Hmmm....if he ever DOES run for President someone from today is sure to come forward with the story. ::snort::

I've decided rather than riding the bus alone to get our passports, we'll all go. I have a map and a bus schedule. I think I can get us downtown and to a few tourist spots. We'll stay away from bookstores...but there IS a great mystery bookstore that I spotted in Pioneer Square.

Walking back to the hotel from dinner, Arielle spotted Borders. Can you believe it? Three big bookstores within walking distance of the hotel. I didn't even PLAN it that way. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Romany said...

Hi DeEtta,

I've been busy fighting the UK govt on Home Education and also away for a few days so am just catching up.

You are leaving on Friday? Oh good. How wonderful that someone is meeting you and helping you navigate your way through Tokyo. What a blessing.

Linda said...

102° in Seattle? Yikes! Sounds like a place with lots to do, though!

Cynthia said...

102.. WOW. That's a heat wave. Glad there are some bookstores close by. That should be good for passing some time.

Deja said...

Looks like you continue to have much fun in the midst of this trial ;-) Just thought about THE chopsticks...the fun plastic kid ones like ours...stolen, too?!?!? Hope those criminals are enjoying them...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yeah these guys got lots of fun things....my Bible, the Japanese Lapbooks, organic food, 10 cans of almond roca and chopsticks.... ::snort:: I would LOVE to have seen their faces as they went through the luggage.

Anonymous said...


Oh you bet! They must have had some interesting expressions. Praying they will somehow turn their minds to the Lord after seeing some of the stuff they saw. Anyway I know a lot of folks have at least prayed once for them to turn to the Lord due to this.

love/prayers Mom T