Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Falling in Love with Seattle, Again!

This was a LONG day and this post is destined to be long.

It began with a bus ride into downtown Seattle. Several gave us various options for stops and we ended up right where we needed to be. Thanks, Lauri, for the bus schedule.


Notice everyone leaning BACK....this was a steep decline (and of course later it was a STEEPER INCLINE!)

We stopped here at Ivar's for fish and chips....or rather *I* had fish and chips and the kids had chicken and chips. ::snort::

I thought the setting was idyllic....
until I noticed how aggressively this bird was watching my fish and chips.

Notice the bird has his french fry


After lunch we visited the Seattle Aquarium (military discount).



Just Keep Swimming....Just Keep Swimming...


FINALLY - we made it to the Seattle Passport Office. Did you know that it is "illegal" to take photos in a Federal Building. You should have seen the guards snap to. It was great that the lady at the window is the one who had helped us Monday. She called me right up and gave me the passports. Stacia is hugging them below.
We loved the tunnels for the trains and buses.



These were big buses! I can't recreate the entire story...but Zander held court on this bus....told our entire life story (or at least his) to everyone in the back of the bus. This resulted in a Goth escort when we got off the bus and lots of well wishes.

Jared and Arielle sat in the "accordion" part of the bus...two joined together....and they had quite a ride. They thought it funny to hear their name and look back to see everyone waving at them and calling them by name. ::snort::

We came back to the hotel and swam.

We walked to dinner. YES, it is still hot here...yes, we did walk all over downtown today. No, the AC doesn't work on the buses in the tunnels. Yes, it is MUCH cooler down on the waterfront.

Deja called tonight! Yahoo! We're going to watch a movie in our room and call it a day.

Did you catch that we have our passports? I was going to put them in the safe deposit box downstairs, but Jared mentioned that I might forget to take them if I do that. ::snort::

The plan is to fly on Friday.
Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Kim said...

YEAH! What a great day, and great that you got the passports!!!

See you Saturday!

Therese said...

YAH for having the passports. I remember trying to take photos in an art exhibition once that the girls and I went to. This girl rushed out of her office and told me to delete the photo I had just taken. I was really embarrassed. There were notes all over the place but I hadn't noticed those.

Therese said...

Oh I just realized I didn't tell you why the girl told me to delete the photo. It was because the photos and art work were copyrighted. The copyright stated that not even photos could be taken without the artists permission.

Renee said...

Hooray for passports!!! Now I want to know how the ticketing office so quickly found a flight with 6 empty seats. Are you flying commercial or are there actually military flights from WA to Japan?? Glad you'll be on your way soon and praying the housing office has been working on a solution for your family. No family should be forced to live off-post...

berrypatch said...

YEAH!!!!! So happy for you all. LOVED the story of Zander telling your life story in the bus. Sounds so much like my youngest. LOL I like the new photo at the top! ;-)

Lisa in Jax said...

I'm praying that your trip on Friday goes smoothly and that you are in Japan by the weekend! Sounds like you have really taken advantage of the extra time here and that you have even more memories to treasure while gone.



DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, Kim.

All, keep praying us through the rest of the trip. I am totally amazed at all the little things that "could" go wrong, but trusting that we've used up our quota for this trip. Pray for uneventful!!!! Boring is good! We will leave Friday at 1 p.m. pacific time and arrive in Misawa on Sunday 2:35 p.m. - there, so about 10:30 p.m. Sat pacific time.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...


There are no direct military flights into Misawa at this time. Which is a bummer because it would have been easier than spending a night and catching a shuttle in Tokyo - BUT this way I get to see Kim and meet her family come to think of it!

GAFB travel office reserved our tickets last week. I had to have CONFIRMED flight plans to get expedited tourist passports. Now that I have the passports in hand they are simply having the airline issue e-tickets.....but no one has told me how to retreive these. I'll be showing up early at SEA TAC. LOL

Lois said...

Oh wow, this is it! Glad you got to do the sights in Seattle, it really is a great place (except the traffic on I5). Don't forget the passports (I'd advise attaching them to your body somehow!) Don't forget the children. Don't forget the tickets. Don't forget to go to the bathroom before you leave......yes, mom. Have a marvelous flight.

Romany said...

Glad you're one step closer to Misawa and Mike.

Hope you had malt vinegar on those chips. {g}

Paula said...

I bet you're not letting those passports our of your hands :-) You're almost there--Ganbatte! (If you don't know that word you'll learn it soon--you hear it everywhere in Japan. They use it kind of how we use "good luck" but the meaning is more "keep going, do your best, you can do it!"
I hope they bump you all up to first class on the plane :-)

Darshia said...

Praising Jesus you have passports and will soon be w/your beloved too! Any more news on housing?

Debbie said...

De'Etta, doing the happy dance for you all with your passports in hand and ready to fly!

Praying for Jared and that he is feeling better real quick.

I know I keep saying this, but I marvel at all the fun you have had in the midst of this difficulty. Makes me really think about how I handle adversity...or not handle it as the case may be.

Prayers for a safe trip.

Anonymous said...


I'll try again. PTL, PTL, PTL!!! What else can anyone say. Won't be long now! Be sure to also give Mike a hug from us!

Love the Seattle foto's. Sure would love to hear a tape of all Alexander was saying. Bet it was cute and funny! I think it must be his excitement at the road finally being done and off to Japan you all go! What a reunion you will all have. Sure wish these comment sections has "spell check". :(

Praying for Jared and for all aspects of your trip from this point on.

Love on the kids for us.

l/p Dad/Mom T.

Linda said...

I did NOT know it's illegal to take photos in a federal building!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

So glad you have the passports in hand. Praying for all to go well tomorrow.

Deja said...

You left out the funniest part of the Alex story...the fact that his new "Goth" friends kept looking at you and asking, "Is this true? Did it really happen that way?" And how you just nodded, "Yup, just as he said."

Oh my, I told Doug the whole thing last night after talking to you...we were both in tears laughing so hard.

Janette said...

God's speed! I am sure He is holding you close in His hands.

Jamin said...

Zander's going to make life interesting in Japan! lol

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Jamin, Zander makes life interesting wherever we are. ::snort:: I WAS thinking that when they said he was on the spectrum the big concern was that he didn't interact with us or others at he talks non-stop with nearly ANYONE and the concern is teaching him appropriate filters. ::snort::