Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hachinohe Fish Market

This was a great stop on our tour. I'm really looking forward to the tour of Misawa City, which the kids and I will take in 2 weeks. The Fish Market has FRESH FISH, ice cream, produce, bakeries....a lot of fun.

Did I say FRESH? How about still swimming?

Or dried?

Squid anyone?

I'm not sure how it happened....probably because our group wasn't stepping right up....and I wanted to spare the kids...but I was selected to sample somethng right off the was INCREDIBLY salty and chewy and I didn't ask what it was. LOL

This booth, however, held great potential. The black is Sesame, the green is Green Tea, the off white is Apple and the white is Vanilla.

There are some perks to being the official sampler in the family! ::snort:: The apple was quite good.

Alas, the Samurai Barber kept the curls! ::snort::

Watermelon - a bit more than $12

Cantaloupe a bit over $4 each...I did find nectarines for $1 each.


Stacia had a hard choice between the Hello Kitty bread and the FACE bread...she chose the face and was shocked to discover at lunch that it was filled with some sort of cream.

These were awesome and I can't remember the name....they are little pancake like things filled with a custard...starts with the Tay...sound.... We had a bad moment when they told us it was squid as the kids happily chomped....then I realized they were SHAPED like squid. I guess there are Red Bean paste ones as well, but we didn't find them.

The Right Start Tours are great fun for families, Windy.

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Debbie said...

Oh, my, I am not an adventurous eater...any McDs handy! Bess would love it, she enjoys trying new things

Anonymous said...

I love the matcha (green tea) ice cream - and the McTeriyaki Burger at McDonald's there.

Kim said...

Let's see -
First, I think you were probably given dried squid. Yellowish and chewy and salty/fishy?

The watermelon - in that pic - is 12 dollars. YIKES!

That is a "decent" price on some nice looking cantelopes and nectarines, though! Do they fit in your fridge?

The fish shaped snacks with stuff in them are Tai-yaki. Tai is a kind of fish. Red snapper??? I can't remember. Yaki means baked/roasted/fried/cooked - all purpose cooking word. We LOVE the ones with cream in them. Ryu likes the beans. Hmmm.

It is so fun to read about your adventures!!! And, Jared's haircut looks summery!!! SMILE!

Romany said...

That looks like fun!

The fruit prices look about the same as here in the UK in winter. They go down a bit in summer.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Deb - there IS a McD's but we've not tried it yet...Mel I WILL order the McTeriyaki....

Kim - I made the clerk very happy at BK when I said, "Hanbaga Kudasai" was fun...and then I said domo arigato....but I've not been able to say "It's nice weather" yet. LOL

Dorothy - I have been wondering if the prices will go down for a bit in the fall and then way up in the winter. We DO get COLA but it is STILL sticker shock. I'm used to buying a whole CASE of apples for $20 and paid $5.35 for 4 apples Saturday. LOL It will impact our grocery budget....unless we eat canned.

Anonymous said...


Fish of any kind is not my thing.

You are sure a lot braver than when you were a kid. :):)

Ice cream looks good but as you know that is my weakness. :):)

What lovely tours you are getting and etc.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

**You are sure a lot braver than when you were a kid. :):)

Mom, I pretty much outgrew the extreme shyness and such by Jr High. ::snort:: I remember eating eyeballs in the PI...that is something I don't want to do again. LOL

Mother R said...

The red bean/adzuki pastries are my favorite. Baskin Robbins at Shimoda Mall has adzuki ice cream--I can't resist a small scoop (and it is very small) each time I go :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said... are the 2nd to say that....I'm going to have to check this red bean paste out.... I may need to go find Shimoda Mall this week.

Cynthia said...

How nice that you're able to take some tours!

Cynthia said...

And, you're brave. I never sample food (LOL) that I don't recognize.