Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Home?

No, this isn't another bathroom story. This is a house-hunting story. I've been told I need to write this down......because our adventure is so funny.

I wrote about the first house we looked at today earlier. Others have now told me that it would be wise to take the new house, especially as it is the same rent. There is a real problem with mold and right on the edge of a swampy paddy that could be an issue. Also, with the kerosene heaters some say the fumes cause them migraines.....the new home won't have mold when we move in....and it will heat with the floors somehow....

BUT THIS is a 1/2 bath. Note it is a toilet and a sink. Photobucket

The full bath was scattered around the house. I guess this is common? Though I've not seen it before today. Kim told me that the bathrooms are divided into two or three rooms...but I've always seen them together. This house had the sink in the master bdr closet, the tub in the laundry room and the toilet in the master bedroom.

These road signs are becoming our best friends. They are placed where the roads are hard to see....and they are lifesavers!

Here are some photos of the house we hope to be able to put our deposit on tomorrow.

The only thing that I really don't like about this model is the small living room windows....which is why we almost went with the other style....but, unless we choose the houses directly off the road, our view would be the house next door anyway. ::snort::

Mike climbed to the second floor and gave us a report. ::snort:: This is a little bay window like nook at the top of the stairs. The master bedroom is to the left of where Mike is standing. He also checked out the insulation. ::snort::

Three bedrooms along this side of the house.

Jared expressed it first, "This house is worth the wait." I thought we might should "settle" because of Jared's school and our need to "arrive" ....but he's right. We'll be happy in this house.

Did you think I was joking about vending machines being EVERYWHERE?

Lunch time arrived while we were looking around....I got a good laugh over everyone retiring to cars, odd spots, eating their bentos and catching a few winks.

This shows the back of the house. I think the yard itself goes to about where the dirt mound is....but there is a big field behind us that isn't planted and horse corrals to the side of us. We saw three horses.

This is a photo for those living in Springfield...a piece of home in Japan.

The reasons NOT to live off base remain...but this house has much in its favor. It's in a farming area, the yards are bigger than most we've seen, the rent is the same as the two older homes we looked at this week, it's new and will be well heated.....and it's the biggest home we've seen in our month here. The only thing that would stop us from getting it now would be the base saying 100% that they will kick us out of TLF (we are happy to pay if they let us stay) or someone else putting a deposit down this evening. In that case, we'd go with the single level home.. several of them were real possibilities too and have vacant lots next to them. LOL

Another family with six children moved in to the hall across from us. They've been told they'll be given a 4 bdr house, as we had been. We shall see. I rather doubt it, as I know two other families in TLF after traveling the same route we have. Of course, all three of us are Field Grade families....and maybe they'll let you accept the smaller house if you are a different rank? I'm interested to find out.

I've had two women mention that maybe God is moving me away from the base so that I DON'T over-commit to chapel programs. Hmmm.....I'll pray about that.

I'm really excited to watch this house be built and to be able to move into a new home....what a blessing! And that is what I'll choose to focus on.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Debbie said...

De'Etta, the house looks very nice. Hope it gets sorted out quickly so you can become more settled.

Anonymous said...


Will keep praying for whatever God is doing. Bet you wish HE would get finished with the doing and let it be done. :) Will be fun to look back on later, much later.

Like I said, a book in the making. As least you are meeting folks who are coming and going. Might be good contacts later on?

Jared does well in school and so he will catch up I bet.

Interesting the sink behind the toliet. WHATEVER!!! Guess that does away with under the sink storage. :):) One mess not to have to straighten out every so often. :):)

praying, love --- Dad/Mom

Linda said...

Is the family with 6 children a lesser rank? Because it's been my experience that housing is VERY specific about keeping houses for the "proper" rank, even when there are needs. At Ft. Riley, they had many open 3-4 bedrooms, but they were for field grade officers...and we'd been on the waiting list for over a year. But they wouldn't give us those houses because we weren't field grade...though, in the eyes of the Army, a Warrant Officer 3 IS field grade...but for housing purposes, they are NOT field grade...

God's leading you where you need to be. My life group is praying for your housing situation...whatever you need!

Anonymous said...


What is 'Reg' and who is 'Field Grade' people?

l/p Mom T

Anonymous said...

The house looks like it will be amazing! Definitely worth the wait. Good perspective.

Love the vending machines!

And the toilet/sink....
Have I ever told you the story/joke about our visit to Sapporo? We were visiting some missionary friends of ours. They're Baptist; we grew up Presbyterian. So when they were talking about their church plant and new believers, they of course said the baptisms would be in the tub. We joked about a Presbyterian church plant could do the baptisms using the small sink over the toilets! Just a little denominational humor...


Herding Grasshoppers said...

yea! It's progress :0)


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Too funny, Mel.

Mom, Field Grade are officers that rank Major and above- that's the simple answer. Regs are regulations....what all good FGO must live by. ::snort::

Linda, YES - he told me they are not FGO and so maybe they'll find a 4 bdr adequate for those 6 children. LOL Although, I guess they were told before they go here that they may want to look off base.....AND all 3 families in TLF as of now in our boat are FGO.

Debbie said...

Finally paid attention the street sign thing...we see those here quite often at the ends of tricky driveways to make sure no one is coming before they back out. I'm sure it makes it much nicer than just easing out just to find someone is coming.

Anonymous said...


:) I finally did realize with 'reg' was. But now what is 'FGO'? Thanks for the other knowledge shared with me. :):)

l/p --- Mom T

Herding Grasshoppers said...

P.S. HA HA HA!!! Love the 1/2 bath... very clever.

As far as having the bathroom scattered, I lived a year in Australia and it was very common to have the toilet in one room and the bath/shower and sink in another. Efficient, I guess.

Like the sink on top of the toilet.

Gee... what a coincidence that right when you find your "dream house" (sort of...) you may have a buyer for your Texas house.


Kim said...

Yep, lots of "western potties" have the sink on top for washing hands. It took a bit for me to realize that "toilet water" at THIS stage was still clean and pure!

The washer was probably in the bathroom! LOL! I should talk...mine is on the balcony outside - but I love it there!

That house looks too too wonderful! I think it is cool that you found it after God gave you peace and you started finding the humor in your situation! The insulation and floor heating will be SOOOOO wonderful in the winter! And windows seem bigger often from the inside than they look from the outside. Though - if you are looking at your neighbor's wall... YEAH!

Yvonne said...

De'Etta, I am really enjoying all the potty pictures. I had no idea there were so many varieties. : )

The sink in the, that's ingenious.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yvonne, the sink/tank, I'm told is European. Seems like a good idea...but that's an awful small potty for 7 of us. LOL