Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stacia's Accident was Private....

There's a bill board in San Angelo that says something like, "Bob's accident was private, very private."

I've been reminded of that the last two days. Stacia's accident was private, very private. Poor thing. I was about to take her to the ER today. I "felt" we could wait...that she simply had some trauma that needed to subside....but I worried. Mike brought Miss A home today after chapel. I had asked him to ask her to call, so we could chat about Stacia. Miss A is very calming, has a delightful English accent, is our Wing Chaplain's wife and has lots of experience with accidents. She is also very good with children and Stacia told her just what had happened. I had guessed as she suddenly was hopping around, screaming and clutching her crotch...but details weren't forthcoming.

Seems she was climbing up the slide (which I knew and saw from below), "swung" at the top and missed and it hit "under there" (which I didn't see). Miss A gave me some tips for easing her discomfort, told me to keep pumping non-acidic fluids and to wait and see how Stacia is doing tomorrow before taking her in. She comforted me that Stacia will not be traumatized for life is some doc gets to examine her and that it won't hurt a thing to wait....that in fact...just like anything you hit hurts but may not need a doctor. We shall see. Stacia wanted to go out this afternoon to see our house and come to the Weasel's she perked up, used the bathroom and here we are.

Mike goes to work at Midnight tonight - exercise. Yep, were back to an operational base that does real exercises. ::snort:: I'm a bit worried about how the week will go with him trying to sleep during the day in a TLF. LOL We are slated to begin school. I can tell Jared is worried that we don't have all his school stuff here. It helps him to know that Algebra and Biology are on the way.

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Linda said...

praying for healing for's wonderful to have someone who can help you out, sounds like Miss A was just the ticket!

Renee said...

Sounds like Stacia has some nasty bruising.... just like hitting any other part of one's body hard... ouch

Cynthia said...

Nice that you had someone you could talk to w/o having to go to the dr yet.

Anonymous said...


My poor baby Stacia. Give her a hug from us. So sorry! BUT so glad Miss A. was there to comfort all of you.

praying for all and that Stacia gets well real fast.

Tell Jared he is going to be fine and we will all be praying his school stuff gets there fast and that he will understand the new subjects fast and be right on track or even ahead.

Praying for Mike too, sleep on Mike!!!!!

love/prayers -- Mom T & G'Ma T also

Kelly said...

Ahhh, poor Stacia.

I had a similar accident when I was in 1st grade. I hurt myself on a jungle gym. It was traumatic enough to tell the teacher, who told the nurse, who told the secretary and finally they called my mom. She took me home and gave me ice cream. I was/am perfectly fine. It did hurt though.

I hope Stacia is feeling better soon.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

She says its still a "little bit" sore...but she's not screaming now when she has to urinate.....I think we're heading to healing.

Darshia said...

Ow. Really glad you and she and Mrs. A worked out what happened and what to do and that she's healing.