Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday's Adventure

The kids and I attended our first chapel service in Misawa. We played "3 ups" at lunch. Renee, tell Rick his preaching was an UP several times. ::snort:: We are also excited to see AWANAS, MOPS, strong Religious Education Program...good stuff. We all attended the Contemporary service at 10:55 (Why that time I wonder?). Mike and I went back for the Gospel service. We'll do the Traditional service next week...or at least I will attend with Mike. I think the kids will settle into the Contemporary service.

Mike had a town hall meeting after the Gospel service. I drove MYSELF to the commissary. I kept turning on the wipers when I wanted to signal....and I DID plop into the passenger seat as I left instead of the driver's seat...but all went well. While at the commissary a lady who works in the Med Group answered questions for me....I was looking for "fresh chicken". I guess that is an item we don't get here. Frozen it is. I asked about buying chicken locally at the chicken farm off base. THAT led to the discussion which confirmed that there are different farming methods over here - even though it ISN'T China. ::snort:: The main thing is that they use "raw manure" (didn't know there was another kind) to fertilize the produce and we don't in the the motto is WASH IT ALL VERY WELL....My friends know that I'm very lax about this....but I'll become conscientious so that we can have fresh, in-season produce.

I met a lady in the Gospel Service who graciously agreed to let us come check out her apartment in the Towers. If they decide we must live in the Towers, we can make it work. I know we can. The kids don't want to live in the Towers...they're spooked by the balconies....but I think we can do it. I'm going to be looking to get inside 3 bdr and 4 bdr 4 plexes this week. I'm trying to see what the options are so we know what to push for when the time comes. I do want to be sure ALL know that we did NOT ask for a double unit....we are not being greedy. We would have accepted a 4 bedroom 4 plex if it had been offered. We expected it would be. It hasn't been. We're waiting to see what happens with the exception letter....and how Housing interprets the letter, if it is approved...and THEN we'll push for either North Base or a 4 plex.... If you care to pray about our housing...the best of both worlds in our view would be two 3 bedroom units on the North side.....but as always...we're praying for God's will....and a bit of green somewhere in sight. LOL

This evening we played SORRY. I hadn't realized that was stolen and the kids were missing it. Mike and I picked it up at the BX. We also played Blink.

Stacia's birthday is next Sunday. We need to figure out what to do. Hard to believe she will be 4 years old. Wow. She wants pink shoes (sandals), a toy, a kimono, and wooden shoes. ::snort:: This girl has a THING for shoes.

No photos tonight, because I'm on a base computer and it doesn't have tabbed browsing...I'm too lazy (and the computer's to slow) to go back and forth between Photobucket and blogger without the tabs. Maybe we'll go the Weasels' Den tomororw. LOL

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Mother R said...

Rick WILL be encouraged by the thumbs-up--thank you :) Glad to see you all are out exploring and enjoying gray Misawa!

BTW - there's a shoe store in the same shopping center as McDonald's, across the parking lot. There's some selection of children's shoes--not as much as at Shimoda Mall,but you might find pink sandals and wooden shoes...

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Renee (Mother R) thanks! I'll be calling you. I keep forgetting to WRITE your number down when I'm down here on the computer. I'd love to get together this week...and I do have some questions you'll have answers for. We saw your darling boy today - Ricky out with Rick. LOL

Linda said...

Love that they have all those great programs. We love AWANA (no S - because it stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Afraid...there's no "silly" on the end, lol). My kids got back into the program here, after starting in Germany many years ago.