Monday, September 21, 2009

Deep Sea Fishing

Mike and Jared went on an ITT tour billed as a "deep sea fishing" trip. Mike, the boys, and Krista had gone on several of these trips in AK. Jared was due to go on one before we left but it was cancelled due to weather. This seemed perfect.

The men returned far earlier than I expected. They commented that they are "not in AK any longer". Later, I heard more....

In AK you have a big boat, you go hours from shore, you catch BIG fish (130# halibut), they have a cleaning and packaging spot right there.....

Here...they were in a small boat, went out about 4 miles, the fish were very tiny and there was no where to clean them. We had HEARD they often bring up octopus on these I was glad that their catch was small!

I think they'll try to find a tour sponsored by the local fishing industry for their next adventure.





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Anonymous said...


Tell the guys we are sorry the fishing trip did not turn out so good. At least you now know you want to get a different situation to go out deep sea fishing next time. Kinda funny tho! After all the neat experience you had in Alaska.... :)

Make a grouping of the fish caught in Alaska and those on this 1st trip in Japan! :):) what a story to tell!!

not much going on here. Just another day..... woke up to frost on the ground and ended up with weather in the high 80's.... how crazy is that???? In Colorado they had snow on this the last day of summer. Suppose most of the snow was higher up!

love/prayers --- Mom T

Jamin said...

Looks like yall had fun. I'm jealous! lol

Darshia said...

Would those little fish work as bait in AK?

We're seeing termination dust on the mountains...soon, snow here below. If you need any winter stuff before y'all are fully unpacked, I'll joyfully send some.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

::snort:: Darshia. Mike said, "they would". LOL No terminiation dust here.....but I expect snow in November....crisp cool mornings...fall! I love it!