Saturday, September 12, 2009

Statue of Liberty Park - Part 2

The parks here are WONDERFUL! They're wonderfully dangerous, too! Zip lines, giant slides, metal and wood....and we've not seen anyone seriously hurt at any of them. We've been amazed at the tiny kids that can navigate the zip lines.

Most of the parks we've been at combine great playing areas with serene nature viewing areas. The Statue of Liberty Park (can't remember the Japanese name for it) does this well. When we drove up there were about 10 Sr. Citizens playing a sort of croquet game, we could see the statue across a big pond, fishermen, jogging paths, benches for reflection and lots of play things.

We plan to go back on a still day and get a photo with the reflection, sunlight etc....


We've still not made it to see Lady Liberty in NYC....but we visited her "sister" here in Japan.

It's hard to see in these pictures but this slide was LONG and TALL....and it was made of little rolling pipes rather than slide material. Zander discovered it is NOT good to get your hand or foot caught in these. It starts up on a hill, crosses a road and continues going.


Mike discovers it can be rather uncomfortable.

No Park is complete without a zip line.

This was the day that I saw a lady with her children and recognized her from the Weasel's Den. It turns out they will live about a block from our new home. She was full of helpful shortcuts....but I need to come up with a SYSTEM to remember things like "Pink bldg with the brown writing".... I need to go look up that Garmin map thing that I'd found to go with the GPS system that got stolen. I think we need to consider replacing it. It would make my adventures so much less scary.

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Anonymous said...


Morning! :) Those parks and the fun/beauty they offer look intriging to me. Now MIKE looks like he is enjoying some boyhood fun. Great memories for sure with the kids.

Guess that it is on my mind after this 1st week at school in seeing and getting hugs from boys/girls at the high-school who are from the worst of worst homes.. they are so glad to be back at school where they get two meals a day, here there is understanding, patience, the love of staff for them, disipline, lots of help and positive input. Much better when good memories are not just from school but also include memoires from the family. OKEY done preaching but it is still true.

STATUE of Liberty.
Love the Japaneze style the pedistal below her..... Neat! Hey, your various foto's of HER would make a good grouping. Love the reflection you have w/o the sun and am waiting forward to seeing the one you get with the sun reflection. One class I am helping in is glass & graphics. It is an advanced one but the teacher says I will learn fast. Not sure why they have me in there to help. Anyway she just gave a neat assignment about the above mentioned thing. I'm going to either make a collage with things mixed up of either an elephant or ice cream cone with blue stuff in it and put is on the fridge door so I keep eating the right stuff.
By way the Doctor was pleased yesterday and I still am a ways from having to take meds.

Love the slide. Have one of the kids stand by the highest part you can get to and then we will know how tall it is. Looks like it is super long. Love the roller idea and bet it helps a lot cuz the pitch looks not so steep towards the middle. Awesome that it goes over a road etc. WOW!

I would be curious to see how a GPS works over there. Guess it would be great cuz don't most of them also have a map and hopefully you can program it to talk English to you. :):):) I wish we had one here but we know most places at this point in time.

KEEP ON HAVING FUN!! Won't be long now and you will have your own place..... AWESOME!

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

That park looks fun!

Cynthia said...

That's a VERY LONG slide!