Saturday, September 05, 2009

Weekly Home Update

We cheated and took photos on Friday when we were out at the Botanical Gardens. Here are some shots of the progress we could detect.

See the framework in front of the living room window - that's a double car carport - and to think I wasn't sure of the view out the living room windows. ::snort:: You can also see topsoil they've brought in....we suspect they are going to plant grass if they brought in such nice soil.

The vending machine has been moved to the front of the subdivision, and a fire hydrant installed - right.

WOOT! FIBER OPTIC internet here we come....

Ours walls are finished...I'd hoped that alcove was a desk area, but it appears to be shelves of some sort...also nice...maybe I'll use the bakers rack for a desk area. LOL

We have tiled front steps

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Anonymous said...


We do remember the fun of watching a house be built. Have fun watching!!! :)

At first looking at the picture of you and the garage.... it looks like Josiah standig with his back to us. Must be Jared. :)

What a view from the one living room window into a carport. Whatever, know you will make it all look great.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Anonymous said...


NICE! We remember how much fun it was when we had the red house built in Springfield. How fun to watch things being done.

Goodness at first looking at the picture where you comment on the garage.... it looked like Josiah standing with his back to us.... of course it is

Anonymous said...

Is that beautiful tree on your property? l/p --- Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

No - the tree is not on our property....

Cynthia said...

So is your living room window looking into the carport?