Wednesday, October 07, 2009

2 - 5 October - Moving Days....2 and beyond

Friday the rest of our household goods arrived. We'd left things that we wished we'd brought....and there are a few things that I'm taking to the thrift store. All in all we did well with the info we had. If we'd moved into base housing, we wouldn't want any of the things we left. ::snort::

We have spent the past few days unpacking, organizing, shopping for shelves, furniture pads etc.....and we're not done. The curtains are all different here, so none of ours worked. All bedrooms now have curtains. LOL I can't find bookshelves here....but I'll keep looking.

We have stuff all over the edges of rooms as we haven't hung anything yet. Mike wants to hang things as all the walls are wall papered over plywood and we are being careful not to leave more holes than needed. ::ahem::


Go figure - very excited over the silverware!

LOOK - all the way from if Chick Fil A would only start a store here. CY....tell Tim O that McDonald's in our small town is the biggest money maker in Northern Japan because the Americans are hungry for "home". I know Chick Fil A could do a rip roaring business here. LOL

A visual - THIS is how many days we were on the road....from 10 May to 3 Oct.

Well...the typhoon isn't going away. I'm going to go shopping and head home.....I've paid bills, weeded out the in box and blogged.....but NO ONE was on skype.

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Anonymous said...


Love your visual of days on the road, are you going to keep it? :) I hope I never have to pack/unpack a home ever again. :):)

I think Dad/Mike have the same idea when it comes to hanging stuff on a wall. :):):)

love/prayers --- Mom T

Nate Townsend said...

Good to hear you have moved in. I was laughing about bringing things that we needed only to find out...they sell them here. Heather and i have been doing the same thing..."why did we bring this", and "why didn't we bring that". You have a bowflex?!? I'm jealous.
Sorry I haven't been online much lately (skype). I've been in a bit of a funk lately and am just now coming out of it. I guess that's a good time to talk to fam...when things are a bit rough. oh well.

hugs and all that,

Janette said...

I love the unpacking! Curtains- I have them in EVERY size-lol.
Most of all I am glad that you are settling in. The temporary housing was not so great- but iti did free you to really get out and explore- something people oftne lose when they go directly into base housing.
I am so happy for your new digs!

Cynthia said...

I noticed in a house in Europe that they wallpapered the walls to look like our textured walls. Interesting. The whole house was done that way. That would be a LOT of work!