Wednesday, October 07, 2009

1 Oct - Moving Day 1

We camped out Wed night. Thursday a.m. our "hold" baggage arrived. Our school books, linens...things we wanted as we waited for our shipment to arrive. The wait is usually longer but both our shipments have been waiting since July. LOL
Dad, we tooka video of this for you. The kids thought it was cool. The side is on some sort of motor and lifts up.....then the bottom part folds down and there is your load.

I found this carpet on a yard sale site. We're turning our garage into a playroom/workout room.

The boys were excited that I'd snuck their dinosaurs into the hold baggage.


The new bowflex works.

Jared made Stacia a castle from the boxes the first night.

We enjoyed the solitude of the neighborhood and playing sorry.

We have crickets, stars....trees outside our bedroom window...nice. It will get noisier as folks move in....but that's fine too.

Choosing Joy!
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~ Coram Deo ~
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Jamin said...

Glad yall are finally getting settled!

Enjoy the bow flex, punk! lol you're looking buffer already ;)

Darshia said...

So cool that Stacia has a castle her brother made her!
That moving truck design is neat.
Your kitchen looks so small with the boxes in there.
I'm really happy you're in "your" home. I hope the wait was worth the while it took.

Anonymous said...

HI to you all:

G'Pa said the truck looks neat. He has been looking a lot at trucks all over town. Glad we aren't younger or else he would really want to buy one..... :(

That kind of a truck would be great for Sherri's parents puppet and stage thing they use in Mexico.

Poor Mike and the boys..... guess it is bookshelf making time again. :( If metal milk crates were still the thing you could use them cuz they would be strong. OH WELL--- the JOYS of actually trying to settle in a new home. :):)

Not bad Jared the castle you made for Stacia. Did she let it leave the house yet? :) Nolan/Alexander sure look happy with their find. :):)

What color carpet will you have in the play room? Not that it really matters but....

Dad needs a bow flex to maybe strengthen his hip and knee. We'll see today.

Working to finish Harmony's baby quilt today/tomorrow... almost done.

Will also be glad when either you folks or Nathaniel/Heather are ever on skype again when I am. Been quite a dry spell. BOO! HOO!

Some interesting and could even be disturbing things happening in the ole place you and us once lived in when you had 4. Check it out for yourself.

love/prayers -- Mom T.

Cynthia said...

So glad you're finally home!

Jared said...

you'd better believe it Jamin! When y'all come for Christmas I'm going to push you around. oh yeah, it's coming my friend! lol