Thursday, November 19, 2009


I know, I know...who takes videos of their BATHROOM???? But many of the fun features of this house are in the bathroom. We have a bathroom like this in our masterbedroom as well.

There are a couple of unique feature we didn't catch in the video clip. The lights are all on the outside of the doors. Is this the case in most Japanese house, Kim, or just this builder's? Also at the top of the door is a little round hole....All we can figure is that it lets you know if someone is inside because the light is on?


Renee said...

our govt quarters in Garmisch had the light switches outside the bathroom doors

Romany said...

Light switches are outside the bathroom here in the UK too, in older houses. More modern ones have pull switches inside. It's safer.

Kim said...

Yes and yes! Pretty convenient, huh! Unless someone turns the light OFF on you!

Kim said...

Just enjoyed your bathroom video. First, about the cover for the tub. A whole family will soak in the same water, so between people, they put the lid on to keep it warm. Or, they will make a bath before dinner and keep it warm till after. About the TP holder. I love that kind too. The top flap is for - in the olden days, TP wasn't perforated - so the top flaps actually had like a serrated edge to cut the paper off - like a box of foil does. Now with the perforated paper, it still helps to break off the paper. Also, do you have hot water for your washer?? Most of us don't. Many housewives - me not included - have a syphon to take the used bath water to put into their washer for the wash part of the cycle. We aren't avid bathers and our washer is on the back balcony, so we just do wash in cold.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim you are a wealth of info. Now that I see this I do remember the whole thing about covering it between baths. I was going to comment more on baths as I got some questions. LOL

Also - we do have hot water in our washer. We are blessed to have American Appliances...they just run slow and I've had to have the timer fixed 3x in 6 weeks. LOL

I plan to do a blog post about the washer/dryers from Homac. LOL Or Sanwado.

Anonymous said...


Love the BRoom! Nice to have an all waterproof bathing area. Goodness that tub looks inviting. I'm afraid I'd want it all alone so I could really have the real HOT water. :) Bet the kids like some of the neat features. l/p Mom T .