Thursday, November 26, 2009


So....I've been up early again and playing with google. I CANNOT use Outlook over here...some sort of strange thing with the ISP.

I use gmail (which I'm not loving), but have really missed a calendar. I created a google calendar. I saved it to igoogle. I created a gadget with Bre's photo and countdown and saved it to igoogle. I added a time clock (with lots of zones as I'm calling all sorts of places these days) and a weather gadget. This allows me to remove them from my blog so it loads quicker.

Have any of you found a gadget that lists calorie counts for various foods. I see lots of them, but thought if someone had one they recommend, I'd do that.

What other gadgets do you all like? I had movies on it from San Angelo - but haven't found one here yet. It STILL shows San Angelo on the side and I can't get rid of it. LOL The Politics in the sidebar is dated - Drudge headline reads "Clinton still not convinced Obama can win in the fall". ::snort:: I've refreshed. Can't seem to delete those side bar things.

There are even a few homeschool gadgets.

I had loaded homeschool toolbar but it did bad things to my laptop so I uninstalled it. Google toolbar also does bad things to my laptop. LOL I'm finding I can create most of the things I loved on the toolbars on iGoogle - without the crash or security issues.

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Jennifer said...

I like Gmail, especially because I can access it from anywhere. At first the threaded messages may be a bit confusing, but once you get used to them you might learn to love them. I really like having ALL the replies in one screen.

I use iGoogle too, but the only gadgets I have are Gmail, Google Reader (blogs), Google Calendar and TwitterGadget.

There is a little down arrow at the top of each gadget that lets you edit or delete it. Will that help you?

Happy Thanksgiving!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

That does help. ::snort::

I think I've put too many gadgets on my igoogle now....a political page,a health page, a homeschooling page....becuase it's loading real slow.

Anonymous said...

iGoogle is great! I have a calendar, gmail, google reader, PWOCI blog updates, other blogs I search for (any local PWOC mentioned), date, time and local weather, IP tracker and local movies. I use it both for my regular gmail plus the PWOCI gmail.
Have fun w/ it. I love it that it's connected to the Google Docs and other Presentations we use for online board meetings, etc.

Jen said...

Ah, I liked the clock you had on the blog!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Mel - I don't know how to do 1/2 of what you said....but I think I'll learn.

Jen - I know...but I don't like the blog running slow....we'll see. It WAS easy to come to the blog to figure the time out. LOL