Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jesse Tree Devotional & Patterns

I shared that our Jesse Tree/banner is MIA. We have used this book in the past for patterns and devotionals.

Deja sent me a link to RCA which has devotionals and patterns for Jesse Tree ornaments. We've done two of these devotionals now and they seem to be the perfect length for us. Stacia has volunteered to color all the ornaments. I'm seriously simplifying....and biting my nails. I took the thankful leaves off our thankful tree....and now we'll put these handmade ornaments up on the bulletin board, using the same grocery bag tree spine. It's a far cry from our royal blue velvet banner with the felt/embroidered ornaments that Bre and Krista made us....but it's fine for now. LOL

For more Advent Adventures check out my index - it is also linked at the top of the blog and will stay there through Advent.

{Special Advent prayer request: I'll be speaking at MOPS about Christmas next Thursday. Pray that I narrow down and focus on what I really want to say and HOW I really want to present it. Thanks.}

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Renee said...

we lost an iron during a move. how? because the packers put it in the dish barrel with the china that didn't get unpacked until we moved her and got a china cabinet... so now we have 2 irons (not really since we sent 1 with MJ to college)

timsarmywifey said...

We have a Jesse Tree every year -- PWOC program for Dec one year was last Tues in Nov and ladies signed up to make 20 one ornament and then swap so everyone got one of each! It was so much fun and now I have a Jesse tree that reminds of friends and Fort Irwin as well! Blessings!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

what a great idea, Holly!