Monday, December 14, 2009


Arielle continues to run a fever as the Tylenol wears off. She has a sore throat. No flu symptoms. This seems to happen about every 3 weeks. They couldn't get her in today, but she will be seen at 8:45 a.m. tomorrow.

I saw the dentist again today. An hour last week for "cleaning"... they had to do x-rays three times and then the dentist saw me but they didn't clean. We can only see the dentist once a year. They asked me to come back today for the cleaning. I have no cavities. Nolan and Arielle have none. Jared has one and needs his wisdom teeth pulled. Arielle has an ortho consult. When did the dentists become the age of my children????

It worked out so well. Mike met the little ones and Jared and took them for lunch and to the Weasel's Den, while I went to the dentist. I picked them up and took Jared to the library. He'll stay in until after Cross Training (PYOC). I only had to make ONE trip in, the kids got to see Dad (he'll be home after their bedtime tonight - probably 8:30 - 9:00), and Jared gets to spend the afternoon working at the library. Our kids discovered years ago that this is a rare treat - total quiet to study in.

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Anonymous said...

Dentist visits :(:(:( We need to go and that is really not something to look forward to. I have a front chipped tooth. :(

Glad you had a good check-up.
Time to get ready to go to the pool to workout etc. love/prayers --- Mom T.

Anonymous said...

My dentist is one of the first students I had when I started teaching. He is a wonderful dentist and also a member of our church. When I go, I get to have a nice visit with him and others in his office that I taught. It's like old "home"week.

I really enjoy your posts. I am also a MOPS mentor and look forward to your ideas for working with these young mothers.

My all of your family enjoy the many blessings of this God Given season.

Wilma H. in WV