Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jared's Birthday at the Yakiniku House

From 2010-01-09

This sign belongs in the "Amusing Sign" category because of the story that goes with it.

We have repeatedly heard of a Yakiniku house called, "Viking." We wanted to try a Yakiniku house for Jared's birthday, because he likes trying new restaurants in town. I asked everywhere, my Bible study ladies, strangers on the street, Akiko....When I suggested the "authentic Japanese Yakiniku houses" that my friends recommended, Akiko said, "That's where Americans go." I asked her where SHE goes, where a Japanese family would go. She asked if we'd like all the food we could eat. Sure. She sent us to Korakuen. She told me to be sure to try the Curry. We followed her directions and found it. We discovered it IS VIKING..... ::snort:: Korakuen in Japanese...Viking in English.

Duck, Josiah!

From 2010-01-09

This was fun! You grab a plate, pick out your raw meat, and cook it at your table.

From 2010-01-09

From 2010-01-09

From 2010-01-09

I was going to snap a photo of all the veggies and meats on the grill; frankly we ate them before I remembered.

From 2010-01-09

This little dessert was wonderful, and surprisingly easy to eat with chopsticks.

Yes, the boys enjoyed this restaurant. The youngers found food to grill and loved the dessert selection.

From 2010-01-09

It was a bit spendy, but eating out anywhere around here runs us BIG BUCKS. At least here, they LOVED IT. Some are wondering...for an adult (12 and above) it was a bit more $15.30, for a child 6 - 11 it was $9.00 and for Stacia $4.50. This isn't bad for Japanese prices.

Because I simply can't post long without a toire (toilet) photo....check this out.
From 2010-01-09
First I sanitized my hands and thought it was oh so thoughtful of them to have the sanitizer right there in the stall. Then I realized it was meant to sanitize the toilet seat. ::snort::

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Anonymous said...

We love the kind of places where we choose what to eat. Would be fun to cook it too. In Davai we ate often at a place that said it was Japanese and it was like this except for cooking for yourself. Loved the spices and the food.

Your toliet adventures are great. :):):);

What a nice birthday present and outing for Jared and the famaily. Anyway we told Jared HAPPY 16TH and we hope he likes what we are putting in the mail for you and he Monday.

love/prayers - Mom T.

Linda said...

It's a Japanese version of the Melting Pot - cooking your food at your table! :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I thought that too, Linda....that if we had a fondue pot.... ::snort:: Josiah and I were discussing the success of such a restaurant in America (He's a Chick Fil A manager in his Jr year of Business Manager/Marketing).....he thought the codes and sue happy climate in America would pose a problem (One person get burned and you'd be sued out of business) but Melting Pot has done it. Hmmm....